Generation 01.01


My name is Anna Equidae. My last name has something to do with the scientific name for horses. My family comes from a long generation of horsemen and women. In addition to raising champion horses my family also prefers to live off the land. In fact my mother told me that the reason our family has green skin is because of the long history we have of eating primarily vegetables.


I currently live in the town of Riverview which is a quiet little farming community outside of Bridgeport. I grew up in this lovely old farm house.


I love living in the country. I spend hours each day out in the fields tending to the crops.


And when I am not in the fields I can be found riding around on Chestnut. I am getting ready to compete in some Equestrian races and jumping competitions.

I live here with my parents, Marty and Lora Equidea. Even though they are getting on in years they still love to spend time in their fields.


My older brother Marty Jr., whom everyone calls JR, is almost 15 years older than I am. Needless to say I was a bit of a surprise.


In fact, I am only 5 years older than JR’s 13 year old son Marty III.


JR and his son are two peas in a pod. They look a like and have all the same interests. After working the fields and tending to the animals they spend hours fishing in the stream out in front of our house.


In addition to Marty III, JR and his wife Mindy also have a 7 year old daughter named Sara.


And they are expecting their third child in just a few months. You could say things are getting a bit crowded around here.


One night my parents asked me to join them in the living room.

“What’s going on?” I asked concerned. They both looked so serious I was sure something was wrong. “Is everything alright with the two of you?”


“Everything is fine with us dear,” my mother says. “But we do have something very important we need to discuss with you.”

“Ok,” I said feeling nervous about what they had to say.

“Do you remember my brother Monty?” my dad asks.

“Sure, he lives on a farm in Appaloosa Plains. We used to visit there in the summers when I was a little girl,” I said. “Is Uncle Monty alright?” I asked.

“Uncle Monty past away last week,” my dad said.

“Oh, daddy I am so sorry. I know you and Uncle Monty were close,” I said. “Are you leaving to go to the funeral? Do you need me to come with you or I can stay and help JR manage things around here.”


“No, honey, Uncle Monty didn’t want a funeral. The reason we wanted to talk to you is that as you know Uncle Monty was never married and he didn’t have any children. He was a loner who preferred to spend time with the land not other people. Monty’s lawyers contacted us this morning and it seems he left his farm to you in his will.”

“WHAT?! But why me?”

“Well you were his god-daughter and he always used to love it when you visited in the summers. He told me once that you were a natural when it came to the crops. Plus, he knew that when your mother and I pass that our farm will go to JR. I think he wanted you to have some land of your own too.”

“Wow, I don’t even know what to say. I can’t move to Appaloosa Plains and take over running a farm all by myself. I can’t leave the two of you.”

“Honey, I know this is a shock but the truth is we think this would be the best thing for you. As you know Mindy is expecting again and she informed me today that it is twins. The house is going to be even more crowded than it is already. We will miss you so much but we can write and visit. Appaloosa Plains has a 1st class racing circuit for you and Chestnut,” mom said.

“So you think I should go?”

“Yes, honey, we do. It will be an amazing new opportunity for you.”

“Okay,” I said. “I can’t believe I own my own farm.” I immediately went upstairs to start packing as I wanted to be at Appaloosa Plains by the end of the week.


I am excited for this new opportunity but I am going to miss my family so much.

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