Generation 01.03


I am so excited. My crops have finally started to come in. I have tomatoes, grapes, onions, lettuce and more planted. Some of my plants are actually still a mystery. I have been going around town finding all sorts of different seeds and learning about what they are.


Despite working full time at the police station Jonathan has been a big help to me. In the mornings I weed while he waters. Jonathan doesn’t talk much so we usually work in silence but it is still nice having the help.


After I am done with the crops I make sure to spend time with Chestnut. I am so glad she is finally here with me in Appaloosa Plains. I missed her so much and having her here makes it feel more like home. Every morning I brush her and tend to her hooves. Then we head down to the Horse Ranch for some fun. Chestnut loves to race around the practice track and jump over the hurdles. We have entered a few races at the Equestrian Center and even came home with a third place ribbon.

I have found that the Horse Ranch is a great place to meet new people. Especially people who have a fondness for horses. Both Chestnut and I are making new friends.


Speaking of friends do you remember Benjamin Schmidt?

“Hey Anna, it’s Ben. I am having a pool party tonight and would love for you to come over if you are free.”

“Sounds great, I would love to come.”

“Great, party starts at 6 pm.”

“Sounds good see you then.”


Just as I arrived at the party it started to pour down rain so everyone had to run inside. I looked for Ben but didn’t see him but I did notice Jazlynn Parrot.

“Hey, how’s little Tryee doing?” I asked.

“He is great,” she said. “I can’t believe how big he is getting. I can’t believe I go back to work next week.”

“Where do you work?”

“I work at the grocery store.”

“Oh, I have been meaning to stop by there. I heard from the Sheriff that you used to buy my Uncle’s crops. I wanted to let you know that the fields are coming along nicely and I should have produce for you soon.”

“That’s great. We miss your Uncle’s crops.”


“Hey babe, glad you could make it,” Ben said as he approached Jazlynn and me. He pulled me in for a hug and gave me a small peck on the check.

“Sorry your pool party got rained out,” I said.

“That’s ok. I still got to see you in your swimming suite,” he said with a wink.

I must have blushed a hundred shades of red.

I stayed at his party talking to him until 1 am.


The next day it was still raining so I couldn’t go out into the fields. Jonathan had the day off so I invited him over for a late breakfast and then we spent the afternoon playing Chess in his loft above the barn. Over the last several months Jonathan has become such a great friend.


That night Ben called me up and asked me to go out on a date with him at a local place called the Watery Hole Saloon. It didn’t sound like a very romantic date spot but I was excited to see Ben again so I said yes. We met there and spent the evening dancing and playing different games. After the bar closed I invited Ben back to my house to watch a movie.


We settled in on the couch to watch a movie and Ben suggested we cuddle on the couch. I thought that sounded real sweet and romantic.


Only a few minutes into the movie Ben and I started making out like a bunch of teenagers. But when I felt his hand on my thigh I put a stop to things moving so fast.

“Ben, wait,” I said breaking the kiss. “I like you a lot and I really like kissing you. But I need to make it clear that kissing is as far as this will go. I don’t believe in WooHoo before marriage.”

“Really?!” he asked shocked. “People still believe in that nonsense?”

“Yes, people do,” I said slightly annoyed. “And I don’t think it is nonsense. That belief is important to me.”

“You are right I am sorry. I was just surprised. Lets just watch the movie.”


We finished the movie but sat on opposite ends of the couch. The movie was a comedy but neither of us was laughing. The rest of the night was very tense. I am really hoping that Ben can understand my beliefs about waiting until marriage. I think I am in love with him.

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