Generation 01.08


Like I said, no sleep for us. Braden and Brandon are such light sleepers that it seems like at least one of them is up at some point during the night.


I am so glad Sara is here to help us out. She takes care of Chestnut and has even gotten up to help with 3 am feedings.


Jonathan is also a great father. He spends most of his free time with the boys. He recently got promoted and decided to follow the forensics career path. This means he works in a lab now most days instead of going out on patrols. This makes me happy because I worry less knowing he is not out there chasing down the bad guys.


Somehow I am still able to find a few hours each day to spend in the field with the crops and with Chestnut. She is becoming a world class jumper and we have won several first place awards over the last few months.


Soon it was time for the boys first birthday. It was also Sarah’s 18th birthday.


We held a big party and all of our friends came. We ate cake and spent the evening dancing, laughing and having a wonderful time.

Brandon, Bradley, Braden, and Sara all grown up.


If I thought having three infants was a lot of work it is nothing compared to having three toddlers. It is especially hard when both Jonathan and Sarah are at work. My parents sent the boys this play station with crayons and blocks for their birthday and they love it. It has been a life saver. It will usually occupy two of the boys while I work on skill building with the third.


When he gets home from work Jonathan jumps right in to help care for the triplets. He snuggles with them and tucks them into bed.


Sarah and Jonathan have both been great at helping me teach the boys important skills like walking and talking.


With the craziness of having three toddlers running around the house we decided to hire a maid. His name is Wilbur Haney and Sarah took an instant liking to him. It was fun to see how nervous she would get whenever he walked into a room. Sometimes I think she would make messes on purpose just so he would have to stay longer each day.

Finally after weeks of flirting she asked him out. The two of them have now been dating for several months.


Six months after they started dating Sara asked Wilbur to marry him. He said yes and the two found a place of their own near by to call home. I am going to miss having Sarah around.


But we will need the room because I am once again pregnant.

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