Generation 01.07


It has been eight weeks since the wedding or more specifically my wedding night and I am pretty sure I am pregnant. Not only am I late but I am also throwing up morning, noon and night.


I decided to take a test to see for sure. I think waiting for the results was longest three minutes of my life. The first test was positive so I took three more just to be sure. They were also positive. But just to be on the safe side I went to the hospital to confirm. The doctor I saw told me I was eight weeks pregnant.  I can’t wait to tell Jonathan.


I had a whole special evening planed to deliver the news. I was going to cook us a big romantic dinner and then after dinner snuggle up together on the couch but as soon as he walked in the door I just blurted it out.

“I’m pregnant!”

“Wow, we are going to be parents! I am going to be a father?! I can’t believe it.”

“You are happy about this right?” I ask suddenly worried that he doesn’t want this.

“I am through the moon happy,” he says. Then he reached out and placed his hand on my stomach. “Hey little one, I am your daddy.”


I wanted to be as prepared as can be for the arrival of the baby so I got a bunch of books from the local library and spent all my days reading and reading. I read everything from What to Expect while Expecting to Preparing your Child for College. Sarah and Jonathan both laughed when they saw me reading the last one.


As my due date got closer I started doing what the books refer to as nesting. I was constantly going around the house cleaning and I was spending time in the kitchen learning how to cook all sorts of different meals.


Jonathan and I both love talking to the baby. Jonathan will just come up to me at random moments throughout the day and talk to my stomach. It is so adorable. He tells the baby about his day and how he can’t wait for him or her to arrive.


I talk to the baby too in private. I love the feel of him or her moving inside me and will often place my hand on my stomach and just tell baby how much he/she is loved.


One day I was cleaning the living room when I suddenly felt a pool of liquid gush out between my legs. I was horrified that I had peed myself. But then I remembered everything I had read and also when Mindy had both Marty III and Sarah and I realized that my water had just broke.


Soon the contractions hit. I was in labor and the urge to push was intense. I screamed for Jonathan and it must be his cop training because he remained calm, grabbed my bag and got us in a cab.


When I got to the hospital the doctors were surprised by how far along I was as usually first time deliveries take hours. But they barely had me in the bed and the doctor was telling me to push. With in seconds our son Braden entered the world screaming his lungs out. He looks so much like Jonathan with his light skin color. Seconds after Braden was born I felt what I could only describe as another contraction and once again felt the need to push. The doctor seemed puzzled for a minute but then said, “looks like Braden is going to have a little brother or sister.”

“Twins!” Jonathan and I both said shocked.

I gave one big push and out came an other son Brandon. He has my green skin and what looks like my red hair.

While the nurses were cleaning up Brandon the doctor was giving me a final exam. Suddenly he said, “Ok, Anna I know you are tired but in the next few minutes I am going to need you to give me one more big push ok.”

“Why?” I asked. “Is something wrong?”

“No,” he said smiling. “It looks like triplets. You are going to have another baby.”

Jonathan and I didn’t even have time to process the news before I once again felt the need to push. And out came son number three. Bradley also has my skin color but looks like he will have Jonathan’s hair and eyes.


We were not expecting triplets so we quickly had to get a few more cribs and baby accessories.


Unfortunately Braden and Brandon are both light sleepers so they wake up at the smallest of noises. I don’t think any of us will be getting a full night of sleep for the next few years.

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