Generation 01.10


Sarah gave birth to twin daughters Aisha and Elissa. I couldn’t wait to see them and despite being nine months along raced over to her house the first chance I got.

“Sarah, you look wonderful. Motherhood agrees with you,” I said.

“I could say the same about you,” she laughs. “Four boys and another on the way?”

I laugh, “The funny thing is we have not planned any of them. When I least expect it I realize I am pregnant. Now let me at those adorable girls of yours.”


I spent the morning playing with the twins while Sarah took a much needed nap.


As I was leaving I suddenly felt the tell tail signs of labor.


I made it to the hospital just in time to give birth to twin girls. Bianca has my green skin and her father’s blonde hair and blue eyes. And Brianna has my green skin and red hair and her father’s blue eyes.


Jonathan and the boys adore the girls. With a cop father and four over protective brothers I pity any boys the girls date when they are older.

1 Year Later


With six children it is amazing how fast time goes. It seems like just yesterday Bianca and Brianna were born.



But they both just recently aged into toddlers.


And Benjamin started his first day of school.


Jonathan and I have been working with the girls to teach them to talk, walk, and use the potty.

“Brianna can you say carrot?”


“No c a r r o t,” I say slower sounding out each letter.


“Ok, lets try a different word. How about lettuce.”



I hope Jonathan is having better luck with Bianca.


The older boys are busier than ever each with their own interests. Braden has started dating a lovely girl named Edna. She comes over to the house frequently to watch movies, work on homework and kiss. Jonathan had “the talk” with him so he knows that we expect him to wait until he is older to go any further.


Brandon is into Science and spends hours working on this chemistry set in the barn. He won’t tell me what he is working on and to be honest I probably don’t want to know. As long as he doesn’t blow up the barn I am happy he is doing something he enjoys.


Bradley loves spending time with his little brother Benjamin. He reads him bed time stories and they play video games together. We have had a lot of snow this winter and they both love being outdoors skating and building snowmen.


Unfortunately the harsh winter has been hard on Chestnut. She passed away this morning and I am devastated. She was my oldest and dearest friend. I had her since she was a foal and we had grown up together.


“Jonathan, I miss her so much. I don’t know what I am going to do without her. I can’t imagine going out to the fields and not having her there beside me – begging for an apple or a carrot.”

Jonathan didn’t say anything. He knew there was nothing he could say. He just rubbed my back and tried to comfort me the best way he could.


To help get over the loss of Chestnut I tried to stay busy by planning a HUGE birthday party for the Benjamin and the twins.


All of our friends and family came. Even the maid stopped working to join in the celebration.



The twins all grown up. I can’t believe they will start school tomorrow. (Sorry for some reason I failed to take a picture of Benjamin.)

This marks the end of Generation 1. Brianna will be our generation 2 heiress. Here is the score for the first generation.
  • Date/Marry girl/guy with Loves Outdoors and/or Green Thumb and/or Angler – check (not sure it counts though as I created Jonathan in CAS)
  • No Woohoo before Marriage – check
  • Get Married – check
  • Have both Boy and Girl – check
  • No Watermelons/Apples to sway gender of child – check
  • Master Gardening Skill – check
  • Plant Every Plant from Grocery Store – check
  • Obtain all Plants/Seeds
  • If you get call for learning Steak, Egg, Cheese, Omni plant, complete it – didn’t get the call
  • Master Fishing Skill – check
  • Catch All Fish (without traveling)
  • Buy ‘riding’ horse or ‘hunting’ dog. – check

Generation 2: Brianna Equidae