Generation 02.01


My name is Brianna Equidae and I am the heiress. I just turned eight and for my birthday my mom and dad got me a computer. I love it. I am currently using it to watch stock prices and to manage some investments I made with my birthday money. The business world interests me and some day I would like to own one or more companies and live in a big house.

I currently live in a really small house with my parents, 4 older brothers, and twin sister. It is so crowded around here and generally pretty crazy.

However, some space has recently opened up as my three oldest brothers who are triplets aged into young adults. Branden, Brandon, and Bradley.


Braden proposed to Edna Dubose following his graduation. The two wasted no time on a long engagement and decided to get married that very day at City Hall. Braden had gotten drafted right out of school to play for the Appaloosa Plains Llamas. With his starting bonus the two were able to afford a small place of their own.


Brandon also moved out of the house. He became a fireman and found a small place closer to the station.


Bradley is still living at home. He is working as a scientist at the research center. When he is not working he spends all of his free time searching the skies with his telescope. I heard him telling dad that he was trying to prove the existence of aliens. I think he is a bit crazy.


The family just got some sad and some happy news. The sad news is that Sara’s husband Wilbur passed away. She is now a single mother with four small children. She has decided that it is best for her and her kids to move back to Riverview to be closer to her parents. We are all going to miss Sara – she was like a big sister to all of us.


On a happier note – Braden and Edna are already expecting their first child. Mom is so excited about becoming a grandmother for the first time.


Before Sara and the kids moved away mom threw a big party. It was a going away/birthday part combo. Ben, Bianca, mom, dad, and I were all having a birthday.

Here are Bianca and I as teenagers.


Bianca is an amazing artist and spends most of her free time painting.


She is also dating a boy from school named Eric Sanders.  He and Bianca were named Prom King and Queen. I admit they do make a cute couple.

I on the other hand do not have time for boys and dating. I am to focused on my future goals. I currently can’t decided between being a reporter or business woman. Who knows maybe I will do both.

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