Generation 02.03


I have arrived at Sims University and rather than live in the dorms I decided to join a sorority house. My house mates are Ye Gangman, Cindy Hong, Tiffany Rich, Hanna Germanata, Samantha Grey, Shannon Arkers, and Karri Elrod. Ye, Cindy and Tiffany are also business majors.


I was able to select my room and as a freshman was surprised at how big the room was. I think my room might be bigger than our whole farm house back home.


As soon as I was unpacked I went to check the job board. While I got enough scholarship money to pay for college I still need spending money. I found out that the science department was looking for someone to donate plasma and it would only take a few hours of my time and paid well.


After selling plasma and eating the required cookie (so I wouldn’t faint) I headed over to the student Union for orientation. I got my class schedule. I am on an accelerated track to finish in only two years so I have a very full schedule.

MWF – Advanced Study of Boys 202
– Applications of Media 202
– Cases in Moral Ambiguity 201
Tues – Business Lecture
Thurs – Business Class Activity


After freshman orientation I stopped by the local coffee shop.

“What can I get for you?” the barista asked.

“I’ll take a Chamomile Kick,” I said. The long bus ride, unpacking, donating plasma, and freshman orientation had me beat and there was still a number of things I wanted to do today. I needed a pick me up.

“Coming right up.”


I decided to take my coffee to go and was walking out the door when I almost bumped into someone.

“Sorry, I hope I didn’t splash any hot coffee on you,” I said.

“Nope I am good. It was my fault. I just walked in not looking where I was going. My name is Shasha Parks.”

“I’m Briana Equidae.”

“Nice to meet you. I am still getting the hang of this place. My sister goes here too and she gave me a tour but I admit I am a little lost. I just don’t want to be one of those typical freshman walking around with their map so I am trying to figure things out on my own.”

“Me too,” I said with a slight chuckle.

We talked for a few minutes and exchanged phone numbers so we could get together and hang out sometime. She is a Technology Major so we probably won’t have any classes together but it might be fun to do something other than study once in awhile.

Monday went by in a blur. With three classes I barely had time to grab a snack out of the vending machines.


On Tuesday I had my first big lecture class. The professor’s name is Dr. Debbie Richards. She is really nice and actually makes class fun. We have assigned seating in the class and I am seated next to Paul Biden. I think he is really handsome and he is so smart when it comes to class. We are always the first ones to raise our hands in class when Dr. Richards asks a question.

In addition to Paul and my roommates some other classmates included Troy Francis, Walter Fullman, Richard Randall, and Hank Macklamoor. They are all really nice. During lecture Dr. Richards assigned us a project to come up with a business model for our own business, detailing how we would run it. I am using the family’s grocery store as a model. Each Thursday we will show her our project, get feedback, and then make changes to it. On the last Thursday before finals we will present it one last time. It is worth a huge percentage of our final grade.


I spent most of my free time throughout the remaining weeks working on the project and studying.


Ye Gangnam, one of my roommates, is in several of my classes. She is a great study partner and we quickly became friends.


One day during class Paul invited me to a party he was having at his place. He told me the party was formal but when i got there we were the only two people dressed up. Everyone else was dressed more for a kegger.

“I thought you said to dress formal,” I said.

“Yeah that’s what I thought. Guess my roommates changed the theme at the last minute. You look beautiful by the way.”

“You look pretty good yourself.”

We continued talking for hours and before we knew it the sun was coming up. We had talked all night.


The next day was Saturday and I had a day off from classes. I was just trying to decide what I should do with me free day when my phone rang. It was Paul.

“Hey, Paul.”

“Hey, Briana. I was wondering if you would like to go on a date tonight.”

“Sure. That sounds great.”

“I will meet you at the Grotto at say 7 pm.”

“Sure, I will be there.”


When I got to the Grotto Paul was already there and he pulled me in for a big kiss. I wasn’t expecting it but I admit I really enjoyed it. Paul is a great kisser.


We had a few drinks, ate, talked and played some pool. I had never played pool before and Paul enjoyed showing me how to play. He kept coming up behind me and putting his arms around me so he could show me the proper moves. It was really romantic. Part way through our a game a band started playing and crowd really picked up.

So when we finished Paul asked if I wanted to come back to his place where it was quieter.

“Sure, that sounds nice,” I said.


When we got to his place we went to his room to watch a movie but to be honest neither of us was paying much attention to the movie. We were to busy making out and one thing led to another if you know what I mean. It was my first time and Paul was a true gentleman.


I had such an amazing time with Paul that I didn’t even mind having to do the walk of shame the next morning. In fact, I was strutting my stuff.


I have managed to make a few trips back home to visit. Even though I have only been gone a few short months it is amazing how much has changed. Braden and Edna just had there second child. A boy named Javon. Ben started dating a local girl named Connie Rutledge. They are engaged and expecting a baby boy in about six months.


Brandon is still single and moving up the ranks at the fire department. He was recently awarded a Medal of Honor from the city for saving a child from a burning building.


After graduating from high school Bianca and Eric broke up. Shortly thereafter she met a new guy named Edward Caldwell. They have a beautiful daughter, who they named Anna after our mom. While I was home he asked me go ring shopping with him and told me he plans to propose soon.

I think the only one who was still the same was Bradley who still helps run the farm and search the night sky for aliens.


When it was time to leave I gave Bianca a big hug. It was great seeing everyone again even if it was such a short visit.


Before I knew it, it was time for finals. Since I had done the accelerated program this meant I had several tests and papers to write. Ye was a big help in helping me study.


That Thursday I had to give my final presentation on my business plan.

“My family owns a grocery store in Appaloosa Plains. It is a small store and doesn’t do a lot of business. It mostly just sells the fruits and vegetables from my parents and a few neighboring farms. Some local fisherman also bring in their daily catch for us to sell too. When my parents first bought the store I told my mother that she should raise all of the prices so the store brought in more money. She told me that the main customers to the store were local farmers who just needed items to supplement what they grew themselves and that they couldn’t afford the higher prices. That loyalty to friends and family was more important than making money. The store was in the black and that was all that mattered. At the time I thought she was crazy and that the only way for that store to succeed was if we raised prices. But as I started working on this presentation I realized that there is another way. There is a restaurant next door to the grocery store but the restaurant does not buy their fish or produce from the store. Instead they import their food from a food distributor in Bridgeport. I did some research and with growing transportation costs the restaurant is not really saving much by having food shipped all the way from Bridgeport. In addition because it is being shipped a great distance a lot of it is frozen rather than fresh. My recommendations is for the grocery store and restaurant to partner up. If the restaurant were to buy local produce and fish from the store they could promote there food as being made with fresh local ingredients. Appaloosa Plains has an International Equestrian Center where people from all over the world come to compete in racing and jumping competitions. While tourists are not as likely to be buying groceries at the local market they will probably dine in one of the town’s restaurants. Last time I was home on break I went by the Equestrian Center and talked to some of the tourists. They all said that they would gladly eat at a restaurant that sold food made from fresh local ingredients. Several of the people I talked to mentioned that they had tried the food at the restaurant and they could tell the meat came frozen and that the produce wasn’t the freshest. Now if you would all like to come closer you can take a look at these charts I have drawn up. Thank you.”


I felt really great about how my presentation went so I called up Paul and we had a little private celebration.


Friday went by quickly as I had three major finals. Graduation was on Sunday so I planned to spend Saturday packing. But then early Saturday morning I got a call from Dr. Richards asking me to stop by her office as soon as possible. I started to panic. Had she hated my presentation? Did I fail one of my exams? Was I not graduating?

As soon as I walked into her office I think she could tell that I was freaking out. She quickly came over to me and said, “Brianna don’t worry. Nothing is wrong. It is great news actually. I was so impressed by your presentation on Thursday that I immediately faxed it to a friend of mine that works at Landgrab Inc. in Bridgeport. She was equally impressed and wants you to start a six month internship there on Monday.”

“Really?! Oh wow I don’t know what to say. This is amazing. Thank you so much Dr. Richards I won’t let you down.”

“I know you won’t. You have an amazing business sense. You will go far I just now it.”


Later that night Paul and I got together to say goodbye. Neither of us was willing to try the long distance relationship and he had gotten an internship on the other side of Simamerica. I think we were both sad that our relationship was ending but while we cared about each other I don’t think we were in love. I wish him nothing but happiness.


It is official. I am a college graduate. I can’t wait to start the rest of my life. Bridgeport here I come.

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