Generation 02.09


I was just made a reporter for the Plains Post. I am hot on the trail of any news story I can find.


I take a note pad and paper with me wherever I go so that I can interview all the locals.


I also visit all the area attractions and write reviews. The owners seem to roll out the red carpet when I walk in hoping to get a good review.


When Brendon and I got married I worried a little about what it would be like after he moved in with us. But it has been wonderful. It is great waking up in his arms and he and Corinna are closer than ever. Seeing them together, hanging out, watching movies, playing chess makes me love him a little bit more each day. I know Corinna missed out on having a father and while I know he will never be able to replace the father she lost it warms my heart to see them have such a close relationship.


Of course not everything is a picnic. We recently had two near tragedies. First of all we were almost robbed again.


Then a few days latter Corinna set the kitchen on fire while trying to make pancakes.


To make matters worse I think I have the flu or something. I have been throwing up constantly and I am so tired I fell asleep at the dinner table last night. Wait, nausea and fatigue — could I be pregnant?

I ran to the store and got five tests and all were positive. I immediately told Corinna.


“Your going to be a big sister!”


“Really! That’s awesome! I can’t wait to tell Cassey.”

My brother Bradley and his wife had just had a baby a few months earlier making Cassiopea (Cassey) a big sister too.

“Have you told Brendon?”

“Not yet. I know I should probably have told him first but you were here and he’s still at work and I was so excited I needed to tell someone.”

“I bet he will be thrilled.”


Corinna was right. When I told Brendon later that night that he was going to be a father he was thrilled. I immediately placed his hand on my still flat stomach and started talking to his son or daughter.

“Hello, little one. I am your daddy and I am so excited to meet you. You be good for your mommy while you are in there and keep her from getting too sick.”


I remember when I was pregnant with Corinna reading in one of the baby books something about nesting when pregnant. Well I seem to be doing a lot of that. I am constantly going around the house cleaning and rearranging things. I also have become fascinated with cooking. I think we have tried a new meal every night this week.


Corinna and Brendon have been so wonderful. I can’t tell which one of them is more excited. Every time I turn around one of them is there to rub my growing belly or talk to the baby.


I have also started writing a new novel. This one is about my journey of falling in love again while raising a daughter on my own. My publishers think it will be a great follow-up to my first book. They keep telling me that my readers want to know what happens next. It seems weird to have so many others interested in my life — but if my story can help someone else heal after a tragic loss then I am happy to write it.


By the time my 9th month rolled around I admit I was tired of being pregnant. My back hurt constantly, my feet were swollen and I felt like I had no energy. Even cooking and cleaning had lost their appeal. Thankfully Brendon was always there to give me a back or foot rub when I needed it.

screenshot-333One evening as I was getting ready to head upstairs to bed when I felt my water break.


This was followed by a sharp contraction. I remember this from when I had Corinna so I knew I was in labor.


Upon hearing me scream Corinna and Brendon had come running into the room. When they saw me in labor they both started to panic – they were yelling, screaming, jumping all around.


Despite all the commotion I made it to the hospital on time and gave birth to a beautiful baby girl named Courtney.


Corinna and Bradley adore baby Courtney. They feed her, play with her, put her to bed.


One night as we were getting ready for bed Brendon pulled me into his arms and said, “Thank you for agreeing to marry me and for being the mother of my children. I never thought it was possible to be this happy. I love you so much.”

Needless to say we didn’t go to sleep for several more hours that evening.


Following my maternity leave I threw myself into my work and quickly received several promotions. I also finished my second book which had great reviews.


My career was going so well in fact that when I discovered I was once again pregnant I was less than thrilled, at first. I remembered how tired I was with the last pregnancy and couldn’t imagine going through that again.


Turns out I was worried for nothing. This time around I had more energy then I knew what to do with. I planned a HUGE costume themed birthday party for Courtney’s birthday and later taught her all her skills.


Went on outings to the park were I participated in events like pie eating contests.


I mean seriously, I am eating for two so there really was no contest. I finished that pie in record time.


I even managed to work right up to my delivery date. I still kept that notepad and pen handy at all times and was able to get in several interviews with locals.


In fact I was just finishing up an interview when I felt my first contraction hit. I managed to finish the interview before calling a cab to take me to the hospital.


I gave birth to a amazing little boy named Conner.

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