Generation 02.10


It is amazing to me how fast time flies. Before I knew it all three of my kids were having a birthday.


Corinna is know a young adult. She is pursuing a career in music at the local theater.


Courtney has grown into a beautiful little girl.


For her birthday we got her a toy stove that she can make little muffins and cookies. She loves to bake with it.


And rather than watching cartoons like most kids she is always watching the food network. I think she will be a chef someday.


Conner is an amazing little boy. He is curious about everything. Sometimes I am afraid to turn my back on him for fear of what he is going to get into next. Brendon says not to worry that it’s a boy thing.


Like his sisters he is a very smart little boy and learned all of his skills in record time.


Corinna has started to date a wonderful young man that she works with named Zane Hodge. He is kind and treats her well. He is everything I hoped for her boyfriend.


He asked her to marry him (after first getting my permission) and of course she said yes. The two decided to get married right away as their orchestra was preparing to go on a six month nationwide tour. I can’t believe my baby is married and leaving home.

screenshot-362 I can’t believe how great my life is. I have three wonderful kids and my career just continues to take off. My sister as you know is an amazing artist and the city asked me to write a book about her and her art career. Of course I said yes — I wouldn’t let just anyone write her biography. I was also receiving more recognition at work.


Before I knew it, it was once again time for another birthday.


For her birthday the only thing Courtney wanted was cookbooks. She has been pouring over them for hours and has learned several new recipes. I admit that she is a far better cook than I am. We have all been enjoying some of her creations.


Every time I look at Conner I think about how much my mother would have loved him. He loves the outdoors and is such an adventurer. I think he falls asleep in his tree house at least once a week if not more.


We love spending time together and the festivals have become a family favorite. It is weird, when I was a kid my parents couldn’t drag me to this thing. I was so focused on my future career. Now I want to spend as much time with my family as possible. While at the festival skating is a family favorite.


Of course the kids are much better at it than Brendon and I. We are constantly falling down.


In addition to all the family time Brendon and I also try to find time together whenever possible.


I knew Corinna and Zane would be home for Christmas so I planned a big family gathering with all my siblings their spouses and kids and in some cases great grand kids. The presents were stacked high.


Corinna and Zane surprised us with the news that they were expecting.


I can’t believe I am going to be a grandmother.


A few weeks after Christmas we were all once again awoken to the sound of the burglar alarm. When are these burglars going to realize that a) a cop lives here and b) that we have a burglar alarm.


Courtney’s fascination with cooking seems to continue to increase.


Her father and I talked it over and decided to buy a small restaurant for her. After she finishes school she will have a place of her own.


When it was time for both Courtney and Conner to have yet another birthday I planned a big pool themed party. Unfortunately we had an uninvited guest. The grim reaper showed up to take my eldest brother Braden.


The party was a flop but both kids blew out their candles and got older. After the party I had some exciting news to share with everyone. The paper was sending me to China to cover some big story and I got to take my family along. Courtney decided to stay at home so she could focus on the opening of her restaurant but Conner could barely contain his excitement. China here we come!

This marks the end of Generation 2. Conner will be our Generation 3 Heir. Here is the score for the second generation.

Option One: Business

  • Join Business Career – Check
  • Max Charisma
  • Reach Level Ten in Business Career – Check
  • Partner in a business – Check
  • Have argument (become enemies) with parents – Check
  • Make 50,000 in family funds from working – Check
  • Marry fellow worker or boss – Check
  • Get Married, Woohoo, have kids (need not be in that order) – Check

Option Two: Journalist

  • Join Journalism Career – Check
  • Reach Level Ten in Journalist Career – Check
  • Max Writing Skill – Check
  • Write 10 articles/books
  • Marry fellow worker or boss
  • Get Married, Woohoo, have kids (need not be in that order) – Check
  • Partner in a buisness/or community lot – Check

Option Three: Collage Major

  • Go to University – Check
  • Fill out scholarship form – Check
  • Get a degree (3 weeks roughly) – Check
  • Spend at least one term in dorm setting, another term in your own rented place – Check

Brains of the bunch

  • Go to all class and lectures – Check
  • Spend free time studying (at least 2 times a week) – Check
  • Go out but only to movies, comic book store, bowling alley, and school
  • Get a boy/girlfriend while in collage – Check
  • Get all A’s – Check
  • Try and get Uni all payed for by scholerships
  • (optional) go through collage again for more then one degree. – Check

Generation Four: Conner Equidae