Generation 03.01


My name is Conner Equidae and I want to be a famous explorer. The next Indian Jones. My mom had to come to China for work so she brought dad and me along. The first thing I did was visit one of the local shops to purchase rations, a tent, and some canned showers. I intend to go exploring while we are here and don’t want to waste time going back to the hotel in less I have to.

screenshot-3-002The next thing I did was check the job board outside of the hotel to see if there was anything interesting. I found one that looked promising. Hui Young Kim wanted someone to locate an important relic.

I contacted Hui Young Kim to let her know I was interested in the job.


I was given a keystone that would open up the door to the tomb where I would hopefully find the desired relic.


Once inside the tomb I had to move large statues around to unlock secret chambers and I had to navigate through and around bobby traps.


I also had to break through rock barriers and stick my hand into holes in the walls and floors looking for hidden levers. Sometimes these holes also revealed treasures and other times were a home for thousands of insects.


It didn’t take me long at all and I found the chest containing the relic.


I immediately went to see Hui Young Kim and gave her the relic. She was very appreciative and promised to send more work my way in the future.


The next morning I checked the job board again and found one asking for someone to explore Dragon Cave. I thought that sounded like a lot of fun.


The hotel had bikes you could rent so I got one and then made my way to the cave.


Once inside I spent hours exploring each and every corner of the cave. For being a cave some of the rooms were very nicely decorated.


While exploring I managed to find several precious gems as well as other treasures.


After returning from the cave I visited Zhan Zhi-Su’s shop and sold several of the pieces that I found in the caves.

While visiting town I managed to learn a few of the local songs. I also picked up some cookbooks on how to create authentic Chinese food for Courtney to try out.


The next morning I visited the job board again. There was one looking for someone to go around getting the opinion from the locals on an important issue.


I found that at first the locals were hesitant to share their opinions with a stranger from a different country. But after I spent several hours entertaining them by telling stories they were more open to talking.


My next quest had me searching tombs for an axe reported to have magic powers. I didn’t know for certain how much of that tale to believe but I knew the axe was powerful.


I could feel the power as I grabbed it and headed out of the cave.


That evening I decided to take a break from exploring the caves to do a little site seeing. I came across a Martial Arts Academy. They had stations were you could practice sparing and breaking boards. However you couldn’t use the board breaking stations until one of the masters thought you were skilled enough. I spent the next several days practicing at the sparing station.


After several days of practice I finally earned my first belt. One of the masters presented me with the belt and then gave me permission to try board breaking. I am still learning and for now can only break boards made out of softer materials like foam but I hope to work my way up. I used some of the money I made from selling artifacts to purchase a sparing and board breaking station to take back home.


After returning home mom started to get sick – A LOT. She claims to have food poisoning but dad and I ate the same things as she did and we feel fine.


After weeks of getting sick and not getting any better mom decided to go to the doctor. Turns out she is pregnant. She was completely shocked. I am 16, Courtney is 19, and Corinna is 25 and married with kids of her own.


Dad was thrilled as he always wanted a big family.


Since returning home I have started dating Cynthia Brinkley. She is a great girl and we have lots of fun together.


We have gone on dates to the festival several times.


She has a horse and a few times we have gone horse back riding. We are planning on going to prom together next week. I am getting a little worried though about our relationship. She made a comment the other day about OUR future and I am just not sure WE have a future together. I mean I like her, she is great — but I want to see the world. Not be tied down with a wife and kids.


Speaking of kids. Mom went into labor last night. She was early and dad freaked out.


But my little sister Christina was born healthy. We are all thrilled.


Courtney loved the cook books I brought her from China and has sense mastered several of the recipes. She recently added stir fry and egg rolls to the menu at her restaurant and so far the reviews have been great.


In addition to making the restaurant a huge success Courtney is engaged to Stuart Christian. He is on the police force with dad.


Based on recent experiences with mom I would guess that Courtney and Stuart are going to be parents soon.


Nothing major happened over the next several months and soon it was time for Christina and I to celebrate our birthday.


Cynthia came to the party. She won’t have her young adult birthday for several more weeks. I decided it was for the best if I end things now. I have big plans for my future that again don’t include living in Appaloosa Plains. She took it pretty hard but I still think it was the right decision.


The next day was graduation day and mom and dad surprised me with tickets to France. I am off – adventure awaits.

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