Generation 03.02


My flight didn’t get into Champs Les Sims until just after midnight. Since it was too late to start exploring I checked into the hotel and got a few hours of sleep.


I was up at dawn and checking the job board. There were several that looked promising and I set out to get as many accomplished as I can while I am here.


One particular job had me locating someone’s remains from a hidden tomb and getting them to a proper resting place in a local cemetery. It was kind of gross but the body was mostly bones.


While on one job I had a near death experience. I was trying to disarm a booby trap when I set it off by mistake.


They weren’t kidding when they say your life flashes before your eyes.


Turns out the booby trap could not be deactivated. Fortunately, while in China I had learned the art of meditation. While meditating I am able to get to a place that allows me to teleport from one location to an other.


After my near death experience I decided to take a break from exploring the caves. One of the jobs on the bullet board had been to deliver some wine to Margot Petit at the local winery. When I got there she was busy with some customers so I decided to try my hand at wine making. I had gathered some grapes and other fruits that I was wanting to take home to plant in the family garden but I could spare a few to try to make a bottle of wine.


It was a lot of fun squishing the fruit with my toes.


While my wine was processing I went to see if I could find Margot Petit. “Are you Margot Petit? The owner of the winery?” I asked.

“I’m Margot,” she said with a smile. “But it is actually my father who owns the Winery. I just help out when I can. What can I do for you?”

“I saw a job posting outside my hotel asking for someone to retrieve these bottles of wine and to bring them here.”

“Oh, my thank you. My father has been searching for these for years. He will be so happy.”


In thanks she threw her arms around me. As I felt her in my arms I felt somethings stir inside me. She smelled like grapes and nature and was just amazing. I had to fight everything inside me not to kiss her.


I was up all night thinking about her and our hug. I just couldn’t stop thinking about her and wanting to get to know her better. So the next morning I went back to the winery – this time with flowers.

“Hey, Conner. My dad was thrilled with the wine. His health hasn’t been great these last few months but last night he was so excited to have those bottles of wine that he was acting like a man half his age,” she said with a smile and laugh. “How can I ever thank you for making one of his dying wishes come true?”

“You can go out with me,” I blurted out as I handed her the flowers. I honestly hadn’t meant to say it like that and as the words left my mouth I felt my checks burn as I blushed.

“I would love to go out with you but I can’t leave the winery. My father is too ill to manage the store and my brother is at a wine sale in the next town and won’t be back until next week.”

“That’s ok, I understand,” I said clearly disappointed.

“But if you don’t mind hanging out here all day we could hang out between customers. I could even teach you how to make better wines.”

“Sure that sounds great.”


So we spent the entire day together just talking. I learned that like me she loved the idea of traveling the world. That it was only her father’s illness that kept her in Champs Les Sims. She taught me how to make better wine (my one from the day before was terrible) and she taught me several local songs.


As it was getting to be time for her to close the winery for the night she gave me a big hug. “I had a great time today,” she said.


This time the temptation to kiss her was too great and in the heat of the moment I pulled her close and kissed her.


Surprisingly she returned the kiss. Unfortunately we were interrupted with some end of day customers. I left for the night promising to come back the next day.


While I went on several more adventures during my trip to France the highlight of my days was spending time with Margot. Each evening I would visit the winery and help her close up. We would spend time talking and kissing and more kissing.


On my last night in France, Margot asked me to stay after we closed the winery.

“Are you sure? I leave tomorrow.”

“I know,” she said sadly. “But I know that I want you to stay tonight anyway. I don’t want to miss this last opportunity with you and always look back on this moment with regrets.”

We spent the night together making love.


The next morning I hugged and kissed her goodbye. We promised to write, call, whatever necessary to keep in touch.

Leaving her was the hardest thing I have ever done.

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