Generation 03.05

screenshot-3-082After the funeral my mom found me in the backyard crying over Margot’s grave. She just pulled me into her arms and I cried and cried on her shoulder.

“Conner, your father and I have something for you,” she said as she handed me an envelope.

“Tickets to Egypt? I don’t understand.”

“You need to get away for awhile. So you can heal.”

“But I can’t leave David.”

Your father, sister and I will be here to look after David. You need to do this.”


She looked me in the eye and said, “I know you are in a lot of pain right now and you feel like you can’t go on but believe me when I tell you that it will eventually get better.”

“How do you know?”

“Let me show you something.”

She led me over to a grave and leaned down and brushed the snow off of it.

“Tarik Equidea, Beloved Husband and Father. Who was he?” I asked.

“Tarik was my first husband. He is Corinna’s father.”

I knew that Corinna and I had different father’s but I hadn’t realized her dad had died. Mom never talked about it and I never asked.

“How did he die?”

“He had a brain tumor. He was diagnosed shortly after Corinna was born and only lived for about six more months. He was in the hospital for most of that time. After he died I was a wreck. I was living in Bridgeport then and knew that I couldn’t go back to the condo we lived in together so I had all of our stuff shipped back to Appaloosa Plains. But even being back home with all of my family I still felt lost. You and I are a lot a like – we are both driven. For me I was driven by knowledge and for awhile money, but mostly knowledge. When Tarik died I had already reached the height of my career in business and was looking for a new challenge. I went back to college and got my communications degree and wrote a book. Your aunts and uncles took care of Corinna for awhile and when I returned I felt like myself again. I felt like I could make a life for Corinna and myself here in Appaloosa Plains. But I needed that time away — time to focus on healing myself. You need to do that now. So go to Egypt. Your dad and I will take care of David while you are gone.”

“Thanks mom.”


I left for Egypt that next morning. It had been winter in Appaloosa Plains so the warm desert air felt amazing. I decided to forgo a hotel and just camp outside.


A lot of places in Egypt can only be gotten to on foot as the sand makes it hard for bikes and scooters. The physical exercise has been great. I am often so tired when I return to camp that I can sleep rather than laying up all night thinking of Margot. The views as you round a corner or come over a hill and see those pyramids in the distance is amazing.


While the tombs in China and France were interesting they are nothing like the ones here in Egypt. I could spend hours alone studying the ornate carvings and hieroglyphics.


Inside one of the tombs I found a sarcophagus. I peaked inside but didn’t see much.


The room was however packed with treasure. I couldn’t wait to show my new friends in town some of my findings. I am sure some of the local museums will be thrilled with some of these items.


While I was checking out the different chests for treasure I didn’t notice a mummy come out of the sarcophagus.


He attacked me.


But thanks to my years of martial arts training I won the fight.


Of course as soon as I got back to town I had to tell everyone about my run-in with the mummy. I am not sure if anyone believed me or not.

Soon it was time for me to return home to Appaloosa Plains. Mom was right – while I still miss Margot this time away has helped me to heal. I really think I will be ok.

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