Generation 03.07


I am slowly coming to terms with Alison being pregnant. I missed a lot of Margot’s pregnancy as she was already pretty far along when she arrived in Appaloosa Plains. With Alison I am experiencing many things for the first time. Today, for example, was the first day we noticed her baby bump.


We got some baby books and have both been pouring over them.


I spent most of the first year of David’s life in Egypt and before that was lost in my grief. So even though I am a father already a lot of this is so new to me.


Speaking of David, he is thrilled about becoming a big brother. He also adores Alison. She is so good to him.

“Alison, can I ask you something?”

“Sure you can sweetie.”

“Would it be okay if I called you mom.”

“I would love that,” Alison answered her voice thick with emotion and tears pooling in her eyes. She of course blamed the tears on the pregnancy hormones but I knew she was truly touched by David’s request.


With a baby on the way I decided it was high time I got a job. I have been living on the money I made selling the artifacts I collected from my travels. That money is running out and I doubt I will be exploring tombs anytime soon. I knew I couldn’t handle a desk type job — even though I gave up traveling I still long for adventure. I decided to join the fire department. Two of my great uncles were fireman and they are legends around the station.


So far their haven’t been any fires but my skills for fixing things have sure come in handy. Both the fire truck and alarm system were in serious need of repair.


When I get home from the station I try to spend as much time as I can with David. I missed a lot of his childhood and I guess I am trying to make up for loss time. I don’t want him to feel left out or ignored when the new baby comes.


Alison is an amazing artist. She paints but prefers sculpting. She spends most of her time in the art studio/barn. She was actually in the middle of sculpting when she went into labor. Christina was in with her and started screaming for me.


I heard them from the house and came running.


When we got to the hospital I was a nervous wreck. I kept thinking about the last time I was here with Margot. Fortunately there were no complications and Alison delivered a healthy baby boy. We named him Daniel. He has my green skin and blonde hair.


Following Daniel’s birth we settled into something of a routine. I spent my days putting out fires and upgrading things around the house.


I have figured out a way to make things unbreakable and have been upgrading some of my more troublesome appliances.


While I was at work Ashley worked on her sculptures and paintings. She was gaining a reputation around town for her work and many locals were hiring her to create one of a kind pieces for them.


Of course we also managed to find time to be alone together.


Soon we were celebrating a triple birthday.


Daniel is an adorable toddler.


Alison and I have been taking turns teaching him his skills. He is very smart and picks them up quickly.


David is athletic and loves the outdoors so we have been able to bond over exercise and fishing.


Sometimes while we fish I tell him stories about my travels and about his mother. I wish he could have known her.


Christina graduated from high school.


Afterwards she married her high school sweetheart Lorenzo. The two found a place together in town. We will all miss her.


Ashley is once again expecting.


Her back has been bothering her a lot with this pregnancy. I try to help out by giving her back rubs whenever she needs. She has been complaining about her weight. She says she has gained more with this pregnancy but I still think she looks beautiful.


Ashley’s water broke this morning and we rushed to the hospital.


We were surprised to discover that we were having twins. Dylan and Diana both look like their mother with her skin tone and dark hair. I can’t believe I am now a father of four. What an adventure this has been.

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