Generation 03.08


Shortly after the twins birth it was time for Daniel’s birthday. It was a beautiful summer day so we went all out and had a pool party.


I grilled burgers and hotdogs for all the guests and we enjoyed swimming in the pool and playing with the backyard toys.


I felt like a kid again sliding through the slip and slide.


All of our friends and family came including my sister Christina. She recently got married and returned from her European honeymoon just in time for the party. She surprised us with the news that her and Lorenzo are expecting their first baby. We are all thrilled for her.


David has asked me to train him which has been a great bonding experience for us. I missed out on so much of his childhood while I was in Egypt so it has been great getting a chance to connect with him.


He has started dating a really nice girl named Aileen Redmond. He asked her to prom and she said yes.


We seem to be having a lot more fires in town lately.


The other day their was a family trapped inside the house and I had to use an axe to break down the door. I rushed through the flames and got the family out. The city awarded me a medal for my efforts.


Diana and Dylan just had a birthday and are now precious toddlers.


They are both supper smart and Alison and I have been teaming up to teach them their skills.


Daniel is a great big brother and loves playing with the twins. Their favorite is peek-a-boo.


Somehow despite having four kids Alison and I still find time to spend alone together. I am an adult but yet around her I feel like a teenager most of the time.


If past experience is any indicator I would say our family is about to get even bigger.

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