Generation 03.09


Since the family had enjoyed the last birthday/pool party so much we decided to hold another one. This time it was a triple birthday as Daniel, Dylan, and Diana were all getting older.


Everyone enjoyed hanging out in the pool.


The younger kids also enjoyed playing in the tree house and building sandcastles.


After the party we all headed over to the fair grounds to enjoy the summer festival. Alison is 9 months pregnant now so she kicked butt in the hot dog eating contest.


Diana got a pair of roller skates for her birthday and had a blast skating for the first time.


David and Daniel played soccer. The athletic training I have been giving to David has really paid off. He had his brother diving left and right trying to block shots.


After a fun filled day with a pool party and then the festival the kids were all beat but that didn’t stop Diana from asking me to read her a bed time story. Looking back a book on how to make wine was probably not the most appropriate choice.


Of all the kids Dylan is the most excited about becoming a big brother. He follows Alison around the house making sure she is ok. Every chance he gets he is rubbing her belly and talking to the baby. It is one of the cutest things I have ever seen.


Just like with her past pregnancies Alison hasn’t let them stop her from working. She has been painting and sculpting up a storm.


She has also started helping me with Grandma’s garden. One night while weeding she went into labor. Of course despite already having four kids I panicked.


Alison, however, remained calm and managed to call a cab between contractions. I wanted to take the firetruck (siren and all) but Alison insisted that wasn’t necessary. We arrived at the hospital in plenty of time.


We had our second set of twins. Dorothy is the spitting image of her mother while Danielle has my green skin. I can’t believe I have six children. This adventure just gets more and more crazy every day.

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