Generation 04.01


My name is Danielle Equidae and I guess I am the heiress for Generation 4 of the Equidae Legacy.


My favorite thing to do is paint. I would paint all day and all night if I could. Sometimes my mom has to make me come back to the house from the barn/studio. My big sister Diane loves to paint too. We have a lot of fun painting together.


I do of course take time away from my painting to spend time with my family. My twin sister Dorothy is my best friend. We share secrets and have so much fun together. My entire family loves going to the town’s seasonal festivals. My favorite is the winter festival because they have ice skating.


Mom and dad love ice skating too. They are so cute together.


Dorothy and I just celebrated our 16th birthdays.


The first two things I did was join the Art Club at school and register downtown at City Hall as a self-employed Painter. Painting is by far my favorite thing in this entire world.


School on the other hand is not one of my favorite things. Fortunately, I have three siblings to study and do home with after school. Dorothy and Dylan are particularly good at science.


In fact, Dorothy wants to be a scientist. She is forever in the barn loft working on experiments on her chemistry set. It is funny we are twins but couldn’t be more different. Yet she is my best friend.


We are also really close to our cousin Renee. Her mom is Christina my dad’s youngest sister. So she is close to all of us (particularly us girls) and is always coming over to hang out with at least one of us after school.


We don’t see much of Dylan anymore. He and Sommer are going steady so they are usually off on a date.


I don’t have time to date. I am quickly gaining a reputation in town as an artist to watch. I can’t let anything distract me from my craft.


Dylan and Diane just graduated from High School. Much to mother’s embarrassment Diane decided to show off her creative side and wore a panda hat instead of the traditional graduation cap. I thought it was pretty cool.


Sommer Brinkley graduated too and after the graduation ceremony her and Dylan decided to get married at City Hall. Sommer’s parents are in poor health so Dylan and Sommer decided to move in with them to help around the house and take care of Sommer’s younger siblings.


Speaking of Sommer’s younger siblings — at graduation Dorothy met Sommer’s younger brother Robbie. The two hit it off and he asked her to Prom.


Diana is also getting married. She propose to her longtime boy friend Jayson Overton. Dad didn’t like Jayson at first but I think the two of them are coming to an understanding.


Again I just don’t have time for things like prom and dating. I just submitted one of my paintings to Sim Universities Art Program. I am hoping to get a scholarship to study art.


About 7 months after graduation Diane called me up and asked me to meet her downtown at the art gallery. She is showing some of her pieces in the new exhibit.


I haven’t seen her in months as she has been so busy getting her exhibit ready. I had heard that she was expecting as well but couldn’t believe how big she had gotten.


Her exhibit was AMAZING and I was thrilled to see so many people turn up to see her work. Our cousin Renee was there as well.


Today is Dorothy and my 18th birthday.


Our parents threw a big party that was attended by all of our friends and family.


I am now a young adult.  And I just heard that my painting awarded a scholarship from Sim Universities Art Program. College here I come!

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