Generation 04.03


Having my own place is great. No one is messing up the place 24/7, it is quiet when I want to study, and most importantly I can have Rory over whenever I want. The dorms had a “no overnight guest” policy.


Rory practically lives at the house. In addition to being an amazing artist he is also a talented musician. He will often serenade me while I draw.


He is equally talented in other areas if you know what I mean.


Classes are going well. I got straight A’s the first term. I refuse to let anyone think I am sleeping with Rory (Professor Hawthorne) to get A’s so I take notes in class, answer questions and study, study, study.


I also meet with some of my classmates weekly in the park to draw. We compare drawings and give each other feedback.


Recently I have gotten into graffiti and have started “tagging” different places on campus. I usually do this at night so that I won’t get caught by campus security.


I also learned how to tattoo. Rory even let me practice on him by letting me tattoo my name on his arm. I think that is so romantic.


Most of my time lately has been spent working on sketches for my final art show that’s coming up in a few months. I am doing my show on various aspects of the human body.


One day while I was sketching my friend Micah came up to me.

“Hey, Dani (all my friends call me Dani). Have you seen DeAnna? We were going to meet for lunch at the coffee shop but she didn’t show. I thought maybe she was here sketching and lost track of time.”

DeAnna is Micah’s girlfriend and one of my fellow art majors.

“I haven’t seen her at the park at all today. I think she mentioned yesterday though that she was meeting with Dr. Hawthorne today.”

“Don’t you mean Rory,” Micah teased.

“Since those drunk frat guys flooded the art building last week Dr. Hawthorne hasn’t been able to meet with students in his office. I told him he could use my living room. Why don’t we head back to my house and see if she is still there. Perhaps their meeting ran long.”


What we were not expecting to find when we got back to my place was Rory (Dr. Hawthorne) and DeAnna locked in a passionate kiss.

“What the Hell is going on here,” I shouted.

“Dani, it’s not what it looks like.”

“What possible explanation could you have for kissing another woman?”

“Ok, fine I was kissing her. And honestly she isn’t the first. I am not a one woman kinda guy Dani. I am hot, successful, artistic — girls throw themselves at me. Who am I to say no.”



“Get out of my house!”


Micah was devastated. He had just bought a ring for DeAnna and was planning to propose that weekend.


He jumped Rory but ended up loosing the fight.


Following my breakup with Rory I was depressed. I couldn’t eat and the only way I fell asleep was after crying myself into exhaustion.


My stomach was all in knots and I even threw up outside. My school work was starting to suffer and I hadn’t painted or drawn anything in weeks.


Rory tried a few times to come over and talk to me but I wanted nothing to do with him. I think the only reason he came over is because he is afraid I will report his behavior to the Dean.


I decided what I needed most was my family. So I called a moving company, hired a van, packed up all of my belongings and went home.

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