Generation 04.04


My mother was there waiting for me when I walked in the door with a warm hug and an encouraging word.


I had hoped returning home would make my feel better but I was still feeling sick to my stomach and had to run to the bathroom on several occasions to throw up. After two weeks of this I started to suspect that their may be more going on than just being upset over a breakup.


I took three tests and all of the said the same thing. I was pregnant. First thing I did was tell my mom.

“Mom, I’m pregnant.”


Before she could even respond I burst into tears and threw myself into her arms. “What am I going to do?,” I sobbed. “I am not married. The father is a cheater and I want nothing to do with him.”

“Oh, baby. Everything is going to be alright. You have your father and me. Plus your brothers and sisters. We are all here for you.”


Of course mom was right. Everyone in the family was super supportive. Dad brought all the baby stuff out of storage and set up the nursery.


Dorothy took me shopping for maternity clothes and baby things.


Dorothy also tried to “help” by setting me up on a blind date with one of her husbands friends from work. I am now seven months pregnant. The last thing I should be doing is dating. But Dorothy insisted.

“Hello, you must be Danielle. I’m Erwin Crooks.”

“Did my gigantic pregnant belly give me away,” I teased. I figured might as well get it out there so as not to awkwardly try to ignore it.

“Your sister did tell me you were pregnant and that your ex was a major jerk. But I admit that I didn’t even notice your pregnancy. Your sister told me how beautiful you were and so when I got to the park I was looking for the most beautiful woman here.”

His words made me blush and my eyes fill with tears. I haven’t felt beautiful in such a long time.


We talked well into the evening and then went to my aunt Courtney’s restaurant for a bite to eat.


Afterwards I gave him a hug good night.

“Would you like to go out again sometime?” he asked.

“Erwin, I think you are great guy. But with everything going on right now I am just not ready for a relationship. Can we just be friends for now. Maybe see about the whole dating thing in another three or four months?”

“That sounds reasonable. I will call you.”


I figured I would never hear from him again so imagine my surprise when he called the very next day to talk. Over the next few months it became routine.


Every day when he got home from work he calls me and tells me about his day. He works in politics as a campaign manager. He is hoping to eventually run for office himself.


Throughout my pregnancy I got more and more involved with my art. I sold several pieces to locals and had offers for several more.


When I wasn’t painting I was reading about being pregnant and raising a child. While the books were informative they only reminded me that I was going through this without the support of a husband or boyfriend.


One afternoon I was in the barn painting my water broke.


I screamed as a contraction hit.


Fortunately, dad was home. As a fireman he has actually delivered a few babies so he no longer panics when he sees a woman in labor.


He managed to get me to the hospital were I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl named Emma.

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