Generation 04.05


Being a mother has been amazing. Emma is a wonderful baby. She sleeps through the night and is full of smiles and baby giggles.


My father adores her and spends as much time in the nursery playing with her as he can. I actually had to scold him the other day because I had just put her down for a nap when I saw him sneak into the nursery to hold her.


While Emma is napping I try to go out to the barn to paint. I take a baby monitor with me so I can hear her if she wakes up.


When I am not painting I am working on a non-fiction novel. The title of my novel is “Pregnant and Alone” and is about my experience of going through pregnancy without the support of a husband/boyfriend. I know I am not the first women to experience something like this and I wanted to share my experiences with them. So far I am getting positive feedback from a company that is interested in publishing it when I am finished.


Since Emma was born I have started to see more and more of Erwin. He actually called me two days after Emma was born to ask me out on a date. He said he respected my wishes to wait to date until after I had the baby but he couldn’t wait one more day to take me out again.


Recently we went to the winter festival. We built a snowman and went ice skating.


I think our snowman turned out great.


But our ice skating left a lot to be desired — I think we both spent more time with our butts (or in my case face) on the ice than we did on our feet.


He is so wonderful. My favorite moment was when we kissed while I took a selfie of us. I have that as the wallpaper on my phone. It turned out so cute.


The year flew by and soon it was time for Emma’s birthday. We had a party and invited all of our family and friends. We, Equidae’s have become known for our big birthday parties.


Emma is a really smart little girl and she learned her skills in no time at all.


Erwin is great with her and she adores him. The other day I heard her call him Daddy and my heart melted a little bit.


One night after bringing me home from our date Erwin dropped down to one knee. “Danielle, I love you and Emma more than I have words to say. I will be forever thankful to your sister for setting us up. I want to spend the rest of my life loving you. I want to be Emma’s father and the father to any more kids we have in the future. Will you marry me.”


“Yes, of course I will marry you. I love you so much.”

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