Generation 04.07


The last few months have flown by. I am now seven months pregnant and Emma’s had another birthday. She is thrilled about becoming a big sister.


For her birthday we bought her a karaoke machine. She loves to sing solos and duets. She is always begging us to sing with her.


Of course her grandpa can never say no.


I have maxed out on my painting skills and made it as far as a professional painter as I can.  Therefore, I decided to try a new medium and have started sculpting.


I recently carved a likeness of Erwin out of ice.


Erwin is thrilled about becoming a father. He follows me all around the house rubbing my belling, giving me back rubs, and telling me how beautiful I look. He is such a wonderful man.


The baby is due any day now so we decided to take Emma to the spring festival. Emma quickly ran off to join her cousins in an egg hunt and then later to have an ice cream cone.


While she was off having fun Erwin and I danced.


And tested out our love connection. We scored the highest amount of points available.


We were watching Emma skate when suddenly I felt the first signs of labor.


Erwin panicked. My sister was there so I asked her to look after Emma.


Erwin managed to call a cab and we made it to the hospital with hours to spare.


Eventually though I gave birth to a healthy baby boy named Ethan. He has my green skin and I believe his grandfather’s blonde hair.


While I was in the hospital giving birth dad was dying. He had been working out on his martial arts equipment when the grim reaper showed up.


He begged for more time but as he was already 106 years old the grim reaper wouldn’t budge. It was his time.


A few hours later the grim reaper also showed up to take mom. She was 98. Since she didn’t want to live in a world without dad she didn’t bother begging for more time. She happily went off to find dad.


Emma was devastated as she had been very close to her grandparents, particularly her grandfather.


I tried to be brave for her but when it was just Erwin and I alone together I was able to finally fall apart in his arms.

I am going to miss them both so much.

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