Generation 04.08


Following the death of both my parents I threw myself into my painting. During that time of grief I sold some of my best work. Art critics were calling my paintings “brilliant” and “masterpieces”.


I also devoted as much time as possible to being a mother to Emma and Ethan.


In true Equidae family tradition I decided to throw a big birthday party for both of them. All of my friends and family came.


As Emma and Ethan both got ready to blow out their candles I couldn’t help but think about my parents. They adored Emma and I know they would have Ethan as well. They would have been so proud to see how big their grandchildren were getting.


Ethan is an adorable little boy.


Like all Equidae children gains his skills quickly.


Emma is a beautiful girl who is a natural at the piano.


She will be heiress going on into generation 5.

This marks the end of generation 4. The score for this generation is as follows:

Option One: Painter/Writer

  • Master Painting Skill – Check
  • Master Writing Skill – Check
  • Paint 20 Paintings – Check (33 paintings)
  • Be friends with parents – Check
  • Get $5,000 royalties or sell $15,000 paintings – Check ($35,430 for paintings)
  • Paint family picture
  • Join Book club – Check

Option Two: Sculptor/Tattoo Artist/Painter

  • Master Sculpting Skill – Check
  • Learn to use all sculpting materials – Check
  • Make ice sculpture of spouse – Check
  • Make at least 5 sculptures – Check
  • Master Painting Skill – Check
  • Paint 25 paintings – Check
  • Sell 10,000 in paintings – Check
  • Paint family pictures
  • Buy a tattoo chair and give spouse and friends tattoos – Check (not spouse but boyfriend in college)

Generation Five: Emma Equidae