Generation 05.01


My name is Emma Equidae and I am the fifth generation heiress to the Equidae family.  My favorite thing in the whole world is music.  I want to be a famous singer someday.


One morning before breakfast I walked up to mom to ask her an important question.

“Mom, as you know it will be summer vacation next week and I would really like to go to a music camp in Hidden Springs. Here’s the brochure,” I said.

“It’s kind of expensive. But I think it’s doable. Let me talk to your dad (even though Ihe isn’t my real father he is the only one I have ever known so I call him dad) but I don’t see any reason you couldn’t go.”

“Thanks, mom.”


Two weeks later I took a bus to Hidden Springs to attend the Hidden Springs Music Camp.


The camp had a large music room with all sorts of instruments for those that didn’t bring their own.


There was a lounge area with a small TV and small kitchen.


There was also a beautiful grand piano tucked away in a back corner.


The first night there was so beautiful outside, we all decided to sit outside and eat and get to know each other a little more. Raven Hollbrock (purple hair) and Ryan Nestle (backwards cap) are both from Bridgeport and Tyler Martin is from Twinbrook. While we ate we talked about our home towns and our families.


The next day we started our classes. We got to try out different instruments. Our teachers encouraged us to play together or in small groups.


I was frequently partnered up with Lucas Hunter. I think he might be from Hidden Springs originally. He is a really private person though and hasn’t shared much with me or the others about his life outside of camp.


I think my favorite class is my private voice lessons. While I enjoy playing instruments I LOVE singing. Like I said before, I would love to be a professional singer someday.


Camp isn’t all work. The town was having a summer festival and so we were excused from practice for the day to attend.

Raven, Jessica Phillips (Red Hair) and Molly Star (Black Hair) joined a hot dog eating contest.


Lucas and I decided to jam in the park for tips. We are great team and sound awesome together. We made over $200.


Before we left the festival Lucas pulled me into his arms and kissed me.


It was my first kiss and I was startled and surprised at first but quickly came around and started kissing him back.


Over the rest of the summer Lucas and I spent all of our free time together. We would sit outside at night and watch the stars.


I would tell him all of my secret hopes and dreams.


The last night of camp we held a big bonfire and roasted marshmallows and told ghost stories. Of course since this was a music camp someone had to pull out a guitar and play camp fire songs.


While everyone was busy singing I snuck away from the campfire and went over to the waterfall by the lake. I didn’t realize at first that Lucas had followed me until he was standing beside me.

“It’s beautiful out here,” I said.

“Yeah it is,” Lucas said. I could tell he was looking at me and not the waterfall which caused me to blush.


“What’s wrong?” Lucas asked. “Why did you leave the party?”

“I guess I just got sad all of sudden. We all go home tomorrow and I am going to miss everyone so much.”

“We can write, email, text, call — we will keep in touch.”

“People always say that but then life happens. We’ll get busy with school, family, friends and soon we will just be “friends from camp”.

“You will never be just a friend from camp. I love you Emma.”

“Oh, Lucas! I love you too!”


We stayed up late into the night watching the stars.

“Well I suppose we better be going to sleep. We leave early tomorrow morning.”

“Yeah I suppose so,” Lucas said.

“Lucas, will you join me in my tent tonight?” I asked. Not sure where the bravery (or stupidity) came from to ask him that.

Lucas didn’t say anything. He just nodded.


I quickly changed and then crawled into my tent.


After making sure no one was looking Lucas joined me. I love him and had no second thoughts or doubts about giving him my virginity. It was a beautiful first time.


The next morning I said goodbye to all my camp friends and prepared to return to Appaloosa Plains.

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