Generation 05.02


“So honey, how was camp? Did you make any new friends? Do anything fun besides play music?”

I almost chocked on my salad as I recalled Lucas and the night we spent together. “Um, yeah I made a couple of great friends. We went to a town festival and had a bonfire. Camp was great.”

“Meet any boys?” Dad asked with a frown.

Fortunately, I was saved from answering by my brother crying from the next room. Mom and dad both went to see to him.


I spent the last remaining days of summer practicing my music whenever I could. Sometimes at home.


Other times at the park for tips. I was making pretty good money playing for tips.


On the first day of school I was surprised to see Jessica Phillips, one of my friends from camp, standing outside the school.

“Jessica Phillips?! Is that you?

“Emma Equidae, OMG! I totally forgot you lived in Appaloosa Plains.”

“What are you doing here?”

“When I got home from camp my parents told me that my dad had been transferred here. We packed up and moved practically overnight. I am so glad you are here. It is nice to see a friendly face.”

“I am glad you are here too. I missed everyone from camp so much.”

“Some more than others,” she teased.

“Ha ha ha, very funny,” I said.

We gave each other a quick hug and then ran off to class.


My father (step-father) decided to run for office. He is having a big party at our house in an attempt to get campaign donations.


I agreed to play the piano for the event to add some background music.


Suddenly in the middle of playing I got horrible stomach cramps, felt light headed and was nauseous. I jumped up from the piano and raced to the bathroom.


*Knock Knock*

“Honey, it’s mom? Are you ok? I’m coming in!”


“Are you ok? I saw you bolt out of the party. Your not getting sick are you?” she asked as she felt my forehead.

“I feel fine now,” I said. “Must have been something I ate.”

“Oh great, I hope no one else gets sick. The last thing your father’s campaign needs is someone getting food poisoning at his party.”

“I’m sure the food’s fine mom. Jessica and I went to the festival earlier today. It was probably that corn dog I ate there.”

“Are you sure you’r ok?”

“Yes, I’m fine. I even feel well enough to go back out and play some more for dad’s guests.”

“Ok, if your sure.”


I was up getting sick all through the night and into the next morning. Unfortunately, I was starting to suspect something other than food poisoning.


The next morning I called Jessica.

“Hey Jessica, It’s me Emma. Can you meet me in front of the grocery store in an hour. Great thanks. See you then. Bye.”


“Hey, Emma. So what’s the big emergency?”


“Please don’t tell anyone but I think I might be pregnant.”

“What!! How? When? Who?”

“Lucas and I made love that last night at camp in my tent. Neither one of us planned on it so we weren’t prepared and didn’t use any protection. It kind of just happened. I need to take a test to be sure but my parents own the grocery store. I can’t go in there. Can you please go buy the tests for me?”


Jessica agreed and went into the store to buy the tests while I waited nervously outside.


She bought me five tests – all different brands. We then headed to the festival grounds so I could take the tests. I was too afraid to go home and take them.

After taking all five tests I had to wait three minutes for the results. It was the longest three minutes of my life.


“So?” Jessica asked as I came out of the stall.

“All five were positive,” I said. “I’m pregnant. I’m 16 and pregnant. OMG what am I going to do?”


Jessica didn’t say anything. She just pulled me into her arms and hugged me while I cried.

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