Generation 05.04


Mom and dad let Lucas stay with us (although not in the same room). He bunked with Ethan. That still didn’t keep us from sneaking a kiss here or there.


I was due any day now and wanted to be sure I was ahead on my school work. I also tried to be a good big sister and help Ethan with his homework.


My back has been killing me today. It hurts most days lately but has been worse today. I should call Jessica and cancel on our trip to the festival but I have been looking forward to getting out of the house all week.


Jessica is obsessed with rubbing my belly and talking to the baby. She refers to herself as “Aunty” Jessica. It is actually kind of cute.

For some reason the town decided to have a “haunted” festival in late April. (authors note: seasons are still messed up.  Now it is spring and shows the flower with “7 Days left” but yet I get the Fall Festival.)


We were in the middle of trying to decide between bobbing for apples or tour the haunted house when my water broke.


Jessica panicked at first but managed to calm down and called a cab to take us to the hospital.


Once in the room the nurse had me change into a hospital gown. After I changed I couldn’t help but run my hands over my protruding belly. I can’t believe my baby will be here in only a few hours.


Once I was settled Jessica came in to tell me that she had called my mom and that she was on her way to the hospital.


While I was waiting for mom to arrive Dr. Jordan came in and examined me. She said it looked like I still had several hours to go before it was time so I should try to get comfortable.


Mom arrived shortly after Dr. Jordan left. “I asked her if she had gotten a hold of Lucas.”

“I called and left a message on his cell phone,” she said.

I hope he gets here soon.


Mom brought me a number of things from home.

Including the baby books I had been reading. I figured reading would keep my mind off things.


But the contractions were getting closer and closer together. Each one more painful than the last. I was also starting to worry as Lucas still had not arrived.


“Is it time yet, Dr. Jordan?” I asked after she came in to examine me again.

“Not yet, I would like to have you get up and try walking around the room. Walking has been shown to speed things along and you are so close.”


I slowly got up from the bed and started walking around the room.


My back hurt so bad that every step I took was painful. I thought Dr. Jordan just might be crazy asking me to do this. But I guess at this point I will try anything.


“Come on baby,” I said to my belly. “It is time for you to come out and meet everyone.”


I don’t know whether it was the walking or my spoken request but suddenly I was hit with the contraction of all contractions.

“Dr. Jordan, it feels different this time. I feel like I really need to push,” I said.

“Lets get you back in bed and take a look,” she said.


“Ok, it’s time. I can see the baby crowning. I am going to count to three and then I want you to push with everything you have. 1 2 3 push.”

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