Generation 05.05


I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl whom I named Fionna.

Lucas never did make it to the hospital. The day after Fionna was born mom arrived with a note telling me that he was to afraid of turning into his father. That our baby was better off without him and he was going off to find himself. Whatever that means. I was devastated at first but realized we are better off without him.


I have continued to play music. Fionna loves when I play for her. Sometimes the only way I can get her to sleep is to play for her.


School has started again. Of course I am now known as the “girl with the baby at home” or the “teen mom” but I stopped caring what the other kids say. I just go to school, do the work, and then go home to my daughter.


I was never one to be thrilled with gym class but I will admit that it has been a blessing for shedding the baby weight and regaining some of my core strength.


Being in school full time and a mother is hard work but before I knew it I was turning 18.


The day after my birthday was graduation. I wasn’t named valedictorian or anything but I was still thrilled to be crossing that stage. After everything I had been through the fact that I graduated was something to be proud of.


After graduation I took a job as a singer. I made most of my money singing for tips or performing a sing-a-gram for someone.


I managed to score a few local gigs at the park and diner.


Only a handful of people came to see me and most of them were family.


But I didn’t let that stop me from singing my heart out.


One day the diner was hosting something called “Sim Fest” where local talents could compete for a big cash prize. I decided to enter.


First up was a magician who had a volunteer from the audience go into a box. She then stuck giant knives into the box.


Next up was an acrobat who could bend himself into crazy positions.


I went last and gave my performance everything I had.


After the performances the crowd got to vote on their favorite.

“The results of Sim Fest are in and our winner is Emma Equidae.”


I won. I couldn’t believe it. I was so shocked.


Later that afternoon I got a call from someone named Paul Dahlen. He had seen my performance and wanted to meet with me. I agreed to meet him back at the diner at 4 pm.


“Hello, Emma. My name is Paul Dahlen and I am an agent from Starlight Shores here looking for new talent. I think you are just the person I am looking for. What do you say Emma? Will you come to Starlight Shores with me and let me make you a star?”

Could I go? What about Fionna? Could I take her with me? What would I do with her while I was working? Should I turn him down and stay here and give up my dream of being a professional singer?

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