Generation 05.06


I decided that I needed to follow my dreams. I left Fionna in Appaloosa Plains with my parents and I moved to Starlight Shores. Paul got me a small little house.


It has a beautiful bedroom with plenty of natural light and a spacious living room. I decided to adopt a cat to keep me company. I named him Rembrandt in honor of my mother and grandmother who were both artists.


The kitchen is small and outdated but that’s ok as I don’t really cook anyway.


Once i got settled in I met with Paul.

“So I have already lined up several gigs for you. They are in some of the most popular clubs in all of Starlight Shores.”

“Wow that’s amazing.” I was so excited.


Soon I was playing for packed crowds at clubs all around Starlight Shores.


Sometimes I would play the guitar and other times I would stand and sing.


Paul enrolled me in dance lessons and soon I was busting moves on stage during my performances.


One night I even got the opportunity to fill in as a DJ at one local hot spot. DJing is harder than it looks.


I was booked up for a different gig every night of the week.


I was gaining a local group of fans who would follow me from club to club each night.


As I looked out at all my fans I had to admit that I was doing what I was meant to do. This was my dream come true.

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