Generation 05.09


I am back home in Appaloosa Plains and so much is different from when I left over 10 years ago now.


My little brother Ethan is now a young adult and just proposed to his high school sweetheart Mellisa Ayala. She of course said yes. The Equidae family is one of the most prominent families in all of Appaloosa Plains. We own half the businesses in town and to top it all off Ethan is a doctor. She would be a fool to say no.


I have only met her briefly but I think she is all wrong for him. I am convinced she is a gold digger who is only after him for his money.


Fortunately, I don’t think the relationship will last until a wedding. I know for a fact Ethan has been having an affair with a nurse from the hospital. She is a really great girl named Maritza Cordero. I think they could be very happy together.


I arrived home just in time for my daughter Fionna’s 13th birthday. I can’t believe how quickly time has gone by.


She turned into a beautiful young lady. My parents say she is kind and nurturing to others. A really great kid.


One of the first things I had to do when I got back to Appaloosa Plains was call up Jessica. We were always so close and I couldn’t have gotten through high school without her. We were able to pick up right where we left off. Turns out she is expecting her third child. I can’t believe she is now married and a mother of three young children.


Of course after a few minutes of visiting we both pulled out our instruments and had an impromptu jam session.

“Wow, Emma, you are even better than I remember. I knew you are on break to rest your vocal cords so you can get back to singing but while you are here would you be interested in a job at the theater. I have been working there as a lyricist, helping some of the bands write songs. You are awesome at that and I am going on Maternity leave next week and will be out for several months. You would be a prefect replacement for me.”

“Thanks Jess. That’s a great idea. That will give me something to do during the day but will still allow my voice the rest it needs. When do I start.”

“How about tomorrow. That way I can show you the ropes and introduce you to some of the bands you will be writing for. Then next week when I go on leave you will be all set. How does that sound?”



The next day I headed to the local theater and met some of the bands. They were all great. It was fun writing songs again. Hopefully some day soon I will be able to sing them again.


My prediction regarding Ethan’s engagement to Melissa was right on. I came home from work last night and heard the two arguing outside.

Turns out Maritza, the nurse Ethan has been having the affair with, is pregnant. Ethan has also realized he loves her and wants to be there for her and the baby. Melissa was furious and called Ethan several names that don’t bare repeating.


Speaking of relationship drama I am having some of my own. I was coming out of the theater and saw the one person that I thought I would never see again.

“Lucas Hunter?!”

“Hey Emma.”

“What are you doing here? I thought you left Appaloosa Plains.”

“Yeah, I uh just got into town. I heard you were back here too but was kinda afraid to contact you after everything.”



“I know I was terrible. I can’t make any other excuses other than that I was young and scared. I was so scared of becoming my father. It would have killed me if I had ever laid a hand on you.”

“So what now you are back and you think you can just become part of our lives again. What’s so different now?”

“For starters 13 years. I am not the same scared 17 year old that I was back then. Second of all I went to therapy. My therapist helped me to get over a lot of those fears. I am married now to a lovely women named Joyce. And we have five year old twins. A boy Steven and a girl Shawna. Joyce’s job just transferred her here to Appaloosa Plains. We have no secrets from one-an-other so when the opportunity came up to come here she said it would be a good opportunity not only for her career but for me to make peace with you and Fionna. I would love for Fionna to meet Steven and Shawna.”

“I am not so sure that’s such a good idea. She doesn’t know you and I think it’s good for you to just pop into her life.”

“To be fair you did almost the same thing. Sure you were there until she was three but you haven’t been for the last 10 years.”

“That’s different, I am her mother.”

“And I am her father.”

“Fine, I will ask her if she is interested in meeting you but I am not making any promises.”


Things with Fionna haven’t been easy since I have been back. She generally avoids me and spends most of her time with her grandparents or uncle. A few times I have come into the room and she has made excuses to leave. I do really want to spend time with her though.

“Hey, Fionna are you busy?”

“I was actually just going to go study for a big test I have tomorrow.”

“Oh, well I thought if you were free I could teach you to drive and then we could maybe go and get ice cream or something after.”

“You would really teach me to drive?”

“Sure, your old enough. And your grandparents keep telling me how responsible you are. So what do you say?”

“Sure that would be great. Thanks, uh mom.”

Her response brought tears to my eyes. It was the first time I had heard her call me mom in over 10 years.


“Ok, so put your hands at 10 and 2. That’s it perfect. Then slowly take your foot off the break and put it on the gas.”

Fionna was a natural and after only a few jerky starts and stops we were off to a good start.


We decided to stop for an actual lunch instead of only getting ice cream. Since it was such a nice day outside we opted to sit out on the patio.

“I’ll take the autumn salad,” I told our waiter.

“And I will have the grilled cheese with sweet potato fries,” Fionna ordered.

We both ordered water to drink and our waiter said he would be right out with our food.

“While we wait for I food I have something I would like to talk to you about,” I said.

“Let me guess you’re leaving again?”

“No, I am not leaving. I don’t plan on leaving anytime soon.”


“Yes, really,” I promised.

“Ok, so what did you want to talk about then?”

“Your father.”

“My father! What about him? No one ever talks about him.”

“Your father’s name is Lucas Hunter. He and I met at music camp when I was 16 and he was 17. We had an amazing summer together and before we parted ways we slept together. A few months later I realized I was pregnant with you. I tried contacting him by phone and email for months, telling him that I NEEDED to talk to him. Then when I was seven months along he showed up. Turns out shortly after returning from camp he had run away from home. His father was abusive and it had gotten worse. He had hitchhiked all over the country until he had ended up in Appaloosa Plains. He was surprised to find out I was pregnant but accepted it and promised to be there for the both of us. I was with Jessica when I went into labor. She got me to the hospital and called both your grandma and Lucas. Grandma came to the hospital right away but Lucas didn’t show up. I kept asking for him and eventually your grandma told me that he had left a note saying he couldn’t do it and that he had left. I never saw or heard from him again. That is until yesterday.”


“I was walking out of the theater and I ran into him. He is married now and has twin five-year-olds. His wife just got a job here. He wants to meet you.”

“He does?”

“Yes, I told him I would tell you and that it was your decision. He has never been a part of your life and I told him I didn’t think it was fair for him to just try to worm his way into it now.”

“So you don’t think I should see him?”

“I don’t think he has a right to get to know you. I think he gave up that right the day you were born and he disappeared.”

“Well to be fair you did the same thing – you just waited until I was three. I never knew him so I never really cared — never missed him. But you were with me all the time until I was three years old and then one day you were just gone. I spent years wondering why I wasn’t enough for you. Why you had to leave to be happy. Neither of you has the right to be part of my life. You both abandoned me.”

“Honey . . .”

“No just stop. I am not hungry anymore. You eat and drive the car home. I will see you later.”

With that she got up and walked away from me. It was painful but I realized I deserved it. My career had always been more important than her.

This ends Generation 5. As you probably guessed Fionna will be our generation 6 heiress. See below for scoring for generation five.

Option One: Musician

  • Master an instrument (Base Game: Guitar | Late Night: Piano, Bass, Drums) – Check
  • Learn all songs – Check
  • Get married
  • Join Music career – Check

Rockstar Branch

  • Play concert 5 times – Check
  • Have 3 signings
  • Get tattoo – Check
  • Top Rockstar branch

Option Two: Part of the Band

  • Master Guitar – Check
  • Master Bass – Check
  • Master Piano – Check
  • Master Drums – Check
  • Find three people for band
  • Start band and Name it
  • Practice for a Gig
  • Play at least 1 Gig

Option Three: Singer

  • Join singer profession – Check
  • Become level ten singer – Check
  • Preform at Coffee House, Private Venue, Live Show Venue, and Big Show Venue – Check
  • Sing Karaoke alone and with another sim – Check
  • Try out DJ booth once – Check
  • Deliever 5 sing-o-grams – Check
  • Recieve steady gig – Check
  • Have kid(s) – Check

Generation Six: Fionna Equidae