Generation 06.03


Following the birth of the twins we decided to have a big party to not only celebrate their arrival but also Franklin’s birthday. Dad came to the party which was great. We have gotten a lot closer lately. He has two kids in their teens and I have enjoyed getting to know my half-siblings.


During the party Ethan pulled me aside.

“Hey, Fi there is someone here that I would like you to meet.”

“Your not trying to set me up with someone are you?”

“No, I was thinking more of it as a business connection. Donavon’s wife died during child birth and he has been raising his daughter Gloria on his own for the last three years. He just moved to Appaloosa Plains and is working with me at the hospital. He knew I had kids so he was asking if I knew any good daycare’s in town. Of course I had to recommend yours. I invited him tonight and thought I would introduce the two of you.”

“Oh, ok. Sure I would like to meet him and I am always willing to take on more kids at the daycare.”


“Hello, I am Donavon.”

“Hi, I’m Fionna but all my friends call me Fi. Ethan said you were looking for a daycare.”

“Yeah for my daughter Gloria. We just moved to town and I need someplace I can take her while I am at the hospital. But I work such crazy hours and am often on call during the evenings so I sometimes have trouble finding childcare that works with my crazy schedule.”

“Well I can definitely help you out. Both Ethan and Martiza are doctors so I am used to watching their kids when they work nights. My hours are very flexible.”

“That’s great. I have to be at the hospital early tomorrow morning so is it ok if I drop her off around 7?”

“Sure sounds great. It was nice meeting you Donavon.”

“It was good meeting you too. I can tell that Gloria will be in good hands.”


The next morning Donavon dropped Gloria off. She is an adorable little girl with curly red hair, freckles, and big green eyes. She is really shy and didn’t want to leave her daddy. That is until she saw the doll house.


As soon as he set her down she crawled right over to it and started playing.


I also worked with her on her talking and potty training. She is a smart little girl and picked up the skills quickly.


Now that Maritza and Ethan have three kids plus myself and Fletcher (not to mention the daycare kids) the house was starting to feel a little crowded. So Ethan and Maritza finally decided to get a place of their own. It just so happens that it is right next door.


** Ring Ring **


“Hey Fi, It’s Maritza. Ethan is working late at the hospital I just got paged to come in. I hate to ask but would you and Fletcher mind coming over and spending the night at the house tonight. I would normally bring everyone over to your house but the twins are sleeping and I hate to wake them.”

“It is no problem. I will get a bag together and we will be right over.”


“Thank you so much for coming over. There are bottles all made up in the fridge if the twins wake up hungry. Franklin is done with his homework but hasn’t had supper yet. I was just getting ready to make something when my pager went off.”


“Don’t worry. I will whip up some of my famous mac and cheese. Fletcher and I haven’t eaten yet anyway.”


While I made dinner Fletcher and Franklin played. Now that Franklin’s older the two have started to become close friends. It doesn’t seem to bother Fletcher that he is 9 and Franklin is only 7.


While the boys ate I feed the twins and then got everyone ready for bed. The next day was Saturday so I promised the boys that I would take them to the winter festival.


The next morning Ethan and Maritza got home around 8 am. The twins were feed, changed, and napping. Since I knew Ethan and Maritza were probably tired I kept my promise and took Franklin and Fletcher to the winter festival.


The boys had a blast playing in the snow. They had a snow ball fight and went ice skating. Fletcher’s favorite parts of the day was the warm cup of hot chocolate I bought them and then snow boarding.


He was pretty good for his first time. I think he only fell down once.


While we were there Donavon and Gloria game walking by.

“Fee Fee Fee,” Gloria shouted as she pointed in my direction.

“Well if isn’t our favorite daycare lady,” Donavon said with a smile.

I laughed and walked over to them.


Donavon and I visited for awhile. He told me about his new position at the hospital and asked me about the daycare. We were talking and didn’t even seem to notice the time pass.

“I suppose I should get Franklin home to his parents. And then get home and make dinner for me and Fletcher. But hey before I go, I am having a holiday party tomorrow evening. You and Gloria should come. Ethan and Maritza will both be there with their kids.”

“Sure that sounds great. See you tomorrow.”


The next day I got all set up for the party. There were tons of presents to open and food to eat.


We all took turns opening presents. I got some new cookbooks which I am really excited about.


Maritza got a snow cone maker.


After we had all opened up our presents I excused myself from the party to go read a bedtime story to Fletcher and tuck him in.


For some reason he wanted to sleep in the guest bedroom tonight instead of his own room. I hope now that Ethan’s gone it doesn’t mean the monsters have come back.


After I got Fletcher all tucked in I returned to the party just in time to say goodbye to Donavon.

“Leaving already?” I asked.

“Yeah, I need to get home. I promised the babysitter I would be home by 9.”

“You could have brought Gloria along to the party you know.”

“Hopefully this doesn’t make me sound like a bad parent but I just needed some adult time tonight.”

“No that doesn’t make you sound like a bad parent. I think all parents feel like that.”

“I bet you never feel like that. I bet you would be around kids all day if you could. You are so great with them.”

“No I too have those days. Thanks again for coming tonight.”

“Thanks for inviting me. Oh, look we are standing under the mistletoe.”


Before I even had a chance to look up he kissed me. Then he said goodnight and left.

Did he kiss me because of the mistletoe or did the kiss mean something more? Do I want it to mean something more? Do I have feelings for Donavon?

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