Generation 06.07


When we got home Gloria was so happy to see us. She ran outside still in her pajamas and gave us both big hugs. She wanted to hear all about our trip. However, it is a school day so we promised to show her pictures when she got home.


The daycare has really taken off. I have four toddlers during the day.


And several older kids (in addition to Ethan and Maritza’s kids) that come over after school until their parents get off work. I feed them a healthy snack and help them with their homework if they need it.


Soon it was time for Gloria’s birthday. It is summer so we decided to have a pool party.


All of our friends and family came to help celebrate.


It is so fun to see Ethan acting like one of the kids and enjoying the water slide.


During the party Maritza pulled Donavon aside and let him know that that hospital board met and agreed that now that he has completed his residency they would like to offer him a permanent position as a trauma surgeon. I am so proud of him.


Gloria aged into a beautiful teenage and she is super smart.


She found the old chemistry set in the barn and has been doing all sorts of experiments. She told me she wants to be a scientist some day.


She also loves chess and will challenge us to a match any chance she gets. So far her dad is the only one that can still beat her.


It is summer vacation so both her and Fletcher are home during the day. They have both been helping me out in the daycare which has been great. They are so good with kids. I really wish I could give them a brother or sister.


But so far despite all of our trying I have just not gotten pregnant. Donavon tells me not to worry and that it will happen for us when the time is right. I know he is right but I still can’t help feeling disappointing whenever the tests come back negative.


I have really gotten into cooking lately and have been learning a ton of new recipes.


My family seems to be enjoying them and I love when we can all have a meal together.


Last night we experienced a family tragedy. Our beloved cat Rembrandt died of old age. He was probably the only gift my mother had ever given me and he has been a part of my life for the last 15 years. I can’t believe he is gone.  I miss him so very much.


I buried him in the backyard and must have stood outside for hours just crying at his grave. Finally, Donavon came out and got me and spent the rest of the night comforting me.


About a month after Rembrandt’s passing I started to feel really nauseous all throughout the day. At first I thought I had the stomach flu as a few of the daycare kids had been sick but then I started to wonder if I could finally be pregnant.


I took a test (well actually six tests).  When they all came back positive I was over the moon happy. I can’t wait to tell Donavon.

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