Generation 06.11


With five infants it seems like someone is always crying.


It seems like no sooner do I crawl into bed that one of the quints is crying. Which of course sets off a chain reaction with the other four.


Fortunately, I have both Donavon and Gloria.


They always get up to help whenever the babies start crying.


I love all of the girls so much that I don’t really mind the midnight feedings or diaper changes.


In addition to helping me with the girls Gloria has been working at the research center as a scientist and she met a great guy online. His name is Emilo Blackmon and he his a private in the military.


Soon it was time for the quints birthday. We had a party and invited all of our family and friends. One by one Donavon and I brought each of the girls to their cake to blow out the candles.












Taking care of five toddlers wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. It is probably from all the years I spent running a day care and caring for multiple toddlers at once.


Each morning I would get up and one by one get the girls up, dressed, and feed.


Then while four of the girls played with various toys I would work on skill building with the fifth.


All the girls seem to have their favorite toys. Gina and Gretchen love to play with the blocks.


Gwen loves the doll house. Though I keep having to tell her not to put the dolls in her mouth.


When Donavon and Gloria get home from work they jump in and help with skill building so that we can be working with three girls at once.


Since I get all the girls up and ready in the morning Donavon takes the late shift and gets them all ready for bed and tucked into their cribs at night.


In addition to helping her dad and I with the girls Gloria has been seeing a lot more of Emilio and the two recently got engaged.


I threw her a bachelorette party and invited all of our family and friends.


Fletcher’s wife Julia hired some male dancers who came dressed like soldiers.


Gloria enjoyed dancing with them but she assured me that the only soldier for her was her fiancé Emilio.


The party got a little wild with people spraying each other with fizzy nectar.


At one point my cousin Faith was even dancing on top of the bar.


The party finally wrapped up at 5:30 am just as the sun was coming up. I better get some coffee – the wedding is in less than 12 hours.


Fortunately, by the time Gloria and I got home Donavon had all of the girls up, dressed and feed. The wedding starts at 4 pm, usually I put the girls down for their nap around 2 but today we are going to let them stay up until just after 3. That way they will hopefully sleep through the wedding.


The girls got these dolls as a gift from my cousin Faith. I think they are kinda creepy but the girls love them. So I am hoping even if they don’t fall asleep or if they wake up early the dolls will keep them entertained at least through the ceremony.


All of our family and friends came to the wedding. Back row: Harvey Conn (friend), Steven Hunter (my half-brother), Ashley Equidae (Fletcher’s wife), Barry Conn (my cousin Faith’s husband); middle row: Fletcher, Maritza, Andrew (Fletcher’s adopted son), Shawna Outlaw (my half-sister), and myself. Lucas and Ethan are seated in the front row and didn’t make the picture. Shawna is 8 months pregnant and she bawled through the entire ceremony. She blamed her hormones. But truthfully, there wasn’t a dry eye in the house.


It was a beautiful wedding. Gloria was absolutely breathtaking in her wedding dress and Emilio had on his dress uniform and looked so handsome.


Following the ceremony the happy couple cut the cake and then had their first dance together as husband and wife.


Later other couples joined in. Donavon was trying to show off his fancy dance moves by dipping me. I am just glad he didn’t drop me.


The wedding was a huge success and all of the guests had a great time. Gloria is going to move in with Emilio but before she left she couldn’t help but play with each of the girls one last time. I insisted she change out of her wedding dress first. Who knows what all those sticky little hands have been into.


The next morning it was time to get back into our regular routine. I got up and got all the girls dressed and feed and then set them off to playing in the barn.


I was just going to pick up a few toys and then work with Gina on learning to walk (she is the last of the girls that needs to learn that skill) when Donavon came in. He told me that he had the day off from the hospital and that he was going to watch the girls for the day while I went out and had a “me” day. He said I had been spending so much time taking care of the girls and planning Gloria’s wedding that I needed to take a day and do whatever I wanted to do.


So he set to work on teaching Gina how to walk.


First up I headed to the gym. I still had some baby weight that I wanted to loose. I got in a good run on the treadmill and then went to the gym’s spa for a massage. It felt wonderful. Afterward I went shopping for something to surprise Donavon with later tonight.


When I got home Gina and I sat outside and I finished up teaching her how to talk. Now all five girls can walk, talk, and go to the potty by themselves. They are just growing up so fast.


After I got the girls into bed I went upstairs and found Donavon in bed reading one of his medical journals. I slipped into my new purchase and walked into the room. When he saw me in my new purple nighty I heard his breath hitch. He immediately set the journal down.

“You look so beautiful,” he said before he pulled me into a big kiss.


We spent the remainder of the night making love.


A few weeks later I started throwing up morning, noon, and night. Could I be pregnant?

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