Generation 06.12

screenshot-6-265From the beginning, I have tried throughout the day to give each of the girls some one-on-one attention. At first it was to teach them skills like walking, talking, and using the potty. Now that they are a little older (they have a birthday coming up in just a few days) we focus our bonding time on their special interests.


Grace is a bit of a loner and a bookworm. She loves when we read stories together. She is such a smart little girl and is even able to read a few of the words herself.


I was worried Gina was becoming a bit of a couch potato because I was always finding her in front of the the television but turns out she is fascinated by cooking. So during our special mother-daughter time we watch the cooking channel together. I wonder if she picked up this interest because I read all of those cook books when I was pregnant with the girls?


Gretchen takes after my parents and is a musical prodigy. She loves to play music on the xylophone and while she plays I sing. Her favorites to play are “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” and the Alphabet song.


Gwen loves horses and always wants to go outside and ride the horsey. She gets very upset and has thrown many a temper tantrum when we make stop riding. She is the first Equidae in generations who has had a love for horses. She looks and acts so much like our family founder Anna Equidae.


Gabrielle just likes being outside. She doesn’t seem to care if we are playing in the sand or going for a walk. As long as she is outside she is happy.


As soon as I knew for sure that I was pregnant I went and saw Maritza. She ran some tests and confirmed that this time I am only having one baby. No multiples this time. She also confirmed that I am having a boy.


After raising six girls (counting Gloria) I know that Donavon is thrilled to be having a son.


Despite being pregnant I didn’t let that stop me from planning a big birthday part for the girls.


I invited all of our family and friends.












Since each “child’s” room only has three beds Gretchen, Gwen, and Grace are in one room and Gina and Gabrielle in the other.

I am thinking about redecorating or maybe getting some bunk beds so all the girls can share a room but for now this arrangement seems to be working.


The next day the girls went to their first day of school. They were so brave getting on the bus. I admit as it pulled away from the house I cried. I can’t believe my babies are in school. I hope they make great friends.


I had always figured that when the girls went back to school I would be ready to reopen the day care. I never expected that I would be pregnant again. So since I am on maternity leave and home alone I have a lot of free time on my hands. I have been reading and trying out new recipes. I have also been visiting Gloria.


Gloria and Emilio just bought their own place. It is a really cute house across town from us. I have been helping her decorate.


And get ready for the baby. She just found out that she is expecting her first child. She is barely even showing yet but she is so nervous that she won’t have everything ready in time. She is having a girl so since I know I am having a boy I have brought her all the girls old clothes. She has a closet bursting at the seams.


After the girls get home from school I help them with their homework.


Some nights the girls go to ballet class after school. They love to show us their dance moves when they get home.


Now that they are older the girl’s individual interests are even more prominent. Grace is still a bookworm who loves to read but she has also found a love for writing and is currently writing her own short stories. She is so creative.


Gabrielle can still always be found outside. She loves playing in the sandbox but her real passion is sports. She is so athletic and loves to kick around the soccer ball. She tries to get her sisters to play with her but she is so good they can never get the ball past her when she is guarding the net and when she is kicking she kicks so hard that they are all of afraid of getting hit with the ball.


Gina has discovered the toy stove and has learned how to make all sorts of amazing treats. Her chocolate cookies are my favorite. We got her a little stand where she can sell them. They are a big hit with all of our friends and family. She always sells out quickly.


Gwen loves horses so much we decided to get her a pony. The pony’s name is Cupid and he has become Gwen’s best friend. She brushes him, bottle feeds him and leads him around. She can’t wait until they are both old enough for her to ride him.


Gretchen is still passionate about music. She found my mom’s old Karaoke machine in the barn’s attic and she spends all her free time up their singing. She has been begging me to let her take piano lessons as she would much rather play an instrument than sing. I told her she can when she is a little older.


Despite all of the girls unique interests we still try to do things together as a family. One of my favorites is meal times. I always cook breakfast and supper for the family and I love it when we can all gather around the table together.


We just got a big harvest of pumpkins from our garden. There was actually a pumpkin for each of us so we all sat on the floor in the living room and carved our own pumpkins.


I think they turned out great. We had a couple silly faces, two cats, a ghost and a traditional pumpkin face. We had a blast carving them.


As you can probably tell from our pumpkins it is Halloween time. I was just getting ready to take the girls out trick or treating when my contractions started.


My uncle Ethan recently retired from the hospital and he was taking his kids out so he offered to take the girls while Donavon and I met Maritza at the hospital.

We just got the best treat of all, our son Gavin Equidae.

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