Generation 06.14


I finally reached level 5 of the day care profession which means I am busier than ever. I have several toddlers during the day and then have some older kids that come over after school. I have also extended my hours to accommodate some parents with later schedules.


However despite my schedule I always manage to get dinner on the table for my family. Our meal times together are still some of my favorite times of the day.


The girls are all doing great. Gwen and Cupid have moved on to some Intermediate racing competitions and just won their first beginner jumping competition. I admit the jumping makes me nervous but Gwen promises that she always wears a helmet and takes every safety precaution.


Gabrielle joined that athletic club at school. In addition to playing soccer and snowboarding she has recently taken up skating. Whether ice skates or roller skates she is a natural. She does spins and jumps that I couldn’t even dream of doing.


Grace (my shy loner) has a boyfriend. He is a really nice young man and seems to be perfect for Grace. He initially came home from school with Grace’s sister Gina so we worried there would be a fight when he asked Grace out. But Gina insisted that there were no hard feelings and that she actually was wanting to fix him up with Grace when she invited him over. Like Grace he is also a loner who loves to read and write.

Gina has been helping me a lot in the kitchen. Since she loves to bake she has taken over breakfast and makes the most amazing pancakes.


Gretchen can always be found at the piano. She is an amazing musician. She has even started to compose some of her own pieces.


While the girls are all great I am starting to worry about Gavin. He has been pulling a lot of pranks around the house.


He added hair dye to the shampoo in two showers. Dying his father’s hair blue and his sister Gina’s hair a bright yellow.


He messed with the computer so that when I went online to check my email a scary face and loud noise jumped out at me. Almost gave me a heart attack.


He puts whoopie cushion’s in all the couches and chairs. I think we all fallen victim to that prank a time or two.


And worst of all he has started picking on the kids at the daycare. He recently took a lollypop from Faith’s daughter (though I am not sure why Faith would send her to daycare with a giant lollypop, especially at her age). The poor little thing screamed for about 20 minutes before I could get her calmed down. I sent Gavin to his room and grounded him for the week. Donovan doesn’t think it is anything to worry about. He says pulling pranks and getting into mischief is a boy thing. I don’t remember Fletcher ever acting like this. I just hope he grows out of this sooner rather than later.


It is birthday time at the Equidae house and we had a huge birthday bash as almost everyone aging today. The quints are going to be young adults, Gavin is going to be a teenager, and I am going to be an Elder.


All of our family and friends came to the party.


Unfortunately, the party came to a sudden halt when the grim reaper showed up for Maritza.


I am just devastated that she is gone. She was like a big sister/mother to me. After I lost my first baby I don’t know if I would have been able to carry on if it wasn’t for her advice and comforting words. I feel lost without her.


Even though they are not generation heirs I had her and Ethan’s tomb stones moved to the family cemetery. My father is buried with his wife and who knows what happened to my mother. Last I heard she had to returned to Starlight Shores to make her comeback but that was years ago. So since there was no one in the family plots for generation number 5 I decided it was only fitting that Ethan and Maritza take those spots. They were more of a family to me than my own parents.


The next day was graduation for the girls. They all graduated with honors and Grace was named valedictorian. I am so proud of them.

Following graduation Gwen and Cupid moved into a place of their own. It is a small house but it has a large barn for Cupid. Gina got a job as a pastry chef at the local bistro, Gretchen was scouted by the local soccer team, and Gabriella got a job at the theater. Since their jobs are all in town they decided to get a place together closer to work.


Grace is still living at home. During graduation Javon Simplton proposed to her. They plan to get a place together after the wedding.


The night after graduation Gavin did not come home until well after curfew. I was of course worried but also furious.


“I was just out. It is no big deal.”



The next morning I got a call from Gina.


Apparently she caught him the night before throwing eggs at her house as well as others in the neighborhood.


Then I got a call from the principle informing me that Gavin was caught on the security cameras breaking into the school and toilet papering the principals office.

I decided that he was out of control so I gave Gloria’s husband Emilio a call.

“Hey, Emilio it is Emma, and I need your help.”

“Sure what can I do for you.”

“Do you still have that connection to the private military school.”

“Yes, why?”

“Do you think you could get Gavin in? He was just suspended for breaking into the school and vandalizing the principles office. He has gone so far beyond the harmless pranks he pulled as a kid. He could end up doing time if he keeps this up. I think military school will help shape him up.”

“I will see what I can do.”


A few hours later Emilio called me back to let me know that Gavin was in. So we packed him up and sent him on his way.

With Gavin out of the house I feel like I can breath easy again. I hate to say that but sometimes I was a little afraid of that boy.


I decided to have a mother and daughter day with the girls. We all went and had a nice lunch at the diner and then went to the salon to look for a wedding dress for Grace.


“Oh, honey you look beautiful,” I said as she stepped out of the fitting room. But then as she moved her hands over her stomach to smooth out the fabric I noticed the tell tale signs of a baby bump. “Grace, honey are you pregnant?”

“Yes about 4 months.”

I of course did the math and realized that she would already have been pregnant when she graduated from high school. Of course being the smart girl that she is she figured out where my mind went right away. “We figure it happened on Prom night but with everything that has been going on with Gavin plus studying for finals and writing my valedictorian speech I only just realized it a few days ago myself. I only told Javon this morning so if you are worried that we are getting married because of the baby you don’t need to be. He didn’t know when he proposed. Are you mad?”

“No, you are 18 and you are a mature young women who is engaged to a man that loves you.”


Of course I had to feel her belly and talk to my grand baby. It was decided that Grace and Javon would continue to live with us until after the baby was born so that they could save up some more money.


On the way home I stopped by Gloria’s to see how she was feeling. She had not joined our mother daughter day because she is very pregnant and wasn’t feeling up to it. This baby came as a big surprise seeing as her girls just started high school.


A few days later she gave birth to a beautiful baby boy named Justin.


Grace insisted on getting married before the baby was born even if that meant showing off her baby belly at the wedding. She looked beautiful and the wedding was lovely. We had it in the backyard and invited all of our family and friends. It is days like this when I really miss Ethan and Maritza. They were such an important part of our lives and if it wasn’t for Maritza getting me into that clinical trial I would never have had the girls.


Javon’s mother came to the wedding and turns out she is expecting as well. So Javon will have a child and sibling who are close to the same age.


After the ceremony Donavon and I shared a slow dance along side the newly weds.


I didn’t even mind it when Donavon stepped on my toes. I brought back so many memories of our own wedding.


A few days later Grace gave birth two adorable twins girls Harper and Hope.


It has been wonderful having babies in the house again. Father and grandfather are especially dotting.

A few months later I got a surprise call from Gwen. It seems she recently eloped with fellow horse enthusiast Roberto Perdue. I am a little worried about her as he is old enough to be her grandfather.


It was a beautiful summer day so I decided to invite everyone over for a pool party.


Gwen announced that she is expecting her and Roberto’s first child. I just hope he lives long enough to see his child grow-up.


The party was a lot of fun. There were water balloon fights.


I grilled some fresh salmon.


We also celebrated the girls first birthday.


They are identical except for eye color.


I had retired a few years back from the daycare so it was great making use of the space again. I have been teaching the girls how to walk, talk and use the potty. Donavon still works at the hospital but does not put in as many hours so when he gets home he gives me a hand.


Today Gavin returned from Military School. I really hope that he has changed his ways.


I think he turned into a very handsome young man even if he had his eyes closed.

This is the end of generation 6 and in case you haven’t guessed Gavin is the heir going into Generation 7.

Option One: Parent
  • Adopt one boy and one girl (or more if you wish) – sort of she adopted Fletcher but Gloria was actually her step-daughter
  • One of the adopted must be a child. – Check
  • Try for twins until you win. – Check (The quints were actually achieved by turning off aging and then having her have back to back kids until I had five infants – she did have twins twice)
  • Teach toddlers all skills. – Check
  • Help each kid with homework at least once – Check
  • Have five kids of your own (adopted can be included in total) – Check
  • Don’t have social worker take kids. – Check
  • Attend 2 of kids weddings. – Check (she attended step-daughter Gloria’s, daughter Grace’s, and though not shown yet will attend Gavin’s wedding)
 Option Two: Day Care
  • Join Day Care Career – Check
  • Reach Level 5 (Top level) – Check
  • Have kid (married or not) – Check
  • Get married (must wait until level 3 of Daycare is reached) – Check
  • Witness your child graduating – Check
  • Enroll kid(s) in after school activities – Check
  • Send one to boarding school (if you desire) – Check

Generation 7: Gavin Equidae