Generation 07.01

screenshot-6-374My name is Gavin Equidea and I am from Appaloosa Plains. I am the youngest of eight. I have an older brother named Fletcher. He was adopted. I don’t know him very well. By the time I was born he was married with kids of his own. I also have an older half sister named Gloria. She is my dad’s daughter from his first marriage. Like Fletcher she was also already married and out of the house by the time I was born. Then I have five older sisters. They are quints. They were teenagers already when I was a toddler. As you can probably guess I was a bit of surprise.


As the only toddler in a house full of teens and adults I was often the center of attention. My mom played with me and taught me things.


So did my dad.


And sisters. I LOVED the attention.


Once I became old enough to start school things changed. My mom reopened her day care and started spending time with other kids.


My sisters were all busy with their extra curricular activities and friends. School wasn’t any better. My teacher’s were constantly comparing me to my older siblings.


So I started acting out. I would pick on the daycare kids.


And pull pranks around the house. My parents would scold me but for the most part passed the pranks off as just a phase and considered them harmless.


That is until I became a teen and started egging other houses and vandalizing the school. After that my mother sent me off to military school. Let me tell you those were the four longest years of my life.


I came home from school long enough to blow out some candles. Now I am out of here. I want to go someplace where I can make a name for myself.

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