Generation 07.02


The heir for each generation of my family has had one goal in mind. For my great great great great grandmother Anna (our family founder) it was to have a great farm. For my great great great grandmother it was business and making money. My great great grandfather Conner wanted to be an explorer of distance lands. My great grandmother was an artist and my grandmother a singer. Even my mom knew what she wanted to do with her life. She wanted to be a mom and raise a big family. I have no such goal for myself. All I can think about is that feeling I had as a toddler where I was the always the center of attention. I want that feeling back. I figure what better place to get it than the big city. So after leaving my teenager years behind I packed a bag and headed to Bridgeport.


I rented a small studio apartment. It isn’t much to look at but I don’t care. I don’t plan on spending much time at home. I want to be out enjoying the night life.


The first thing I did after getting settled into my place was head to AJV Wellness to get in a work out. If I am going to become a celebrity I need to look my best. As I was going in I saw Lola Belle. You can’t be much more famous than her.


I admit I made a fool of myself but I did manage to get her autograph. Someday I will be the one signing autographs.


After Lola left I headed inside the gym and met a pretty girl named Sugar Bijou. We flirted some. I may have to give her a call.


The gym is packed with celebrities. Tom Wordy and Lil Bling were both working out. I tried to talk to them but they were too busy.


Later that night I went to the Brightmore.

“Can I get in?”

“Sure, it’s slow tonight. No A lister’s here today.”


After getting a drink from the bar I walked around a little and almost bumped into Bianca Rubble. She is gorgeous.


I asked her to dance and we spent the rest of the evening hang out together.


Before we knew it, it was 2 am and the club was closing.

“To bad the club is closing,” Bianca said. “I am not the least bit tired.”

“Want to come back to my place for a drink?” I asked.

“Sure, sounds great.”


Turns out we didn’t need that drink. As soon as we got back to my place we headed straight for the bedroom.


“I had a great time last night,” Bianca said the next morning.

“Me too,” I said.

“Call me,” she said as she left my place.


After Bianca left I practiced speaking in front of the bathroom mirror. I am naturally charismatic or so people tell me. But it doesn’t hurt to practice.


The next night I went to the club Aquaris. They have two floors each with it’s own separate club. The bouncer on the first level wouldn’t let me in.


Neither would the one on the second level.


I tried flirting with her but she would have none of that.


So I left and went to Eugi’s. I ordered a Tombstone Tobbler.


And ended up making out with Jun Xu.


The next night I went to Plasma 501. I heard it was “the hot spot”.

“Can I get in?” I asked.


He looked around and then leaned in and said, “Sure, for $100.”

“Go right in. Happy doing business with you,” he said as he lifted the rope.


The place was packed and the band was awesome.


While there I met Renee Littler. She is a famous journalist. I started talking to her about writing and pretty soon she told me I was an ok guy. I offered to buy her a drink, which she accepted.


We also danced together. By the end of the night we were friends and I had become a one star celebrity. I just know that my celebrity status is on the rise. If only I can figure out an in with the rest of the celebrity crowd.

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