Generation 07.03


I think I may have found my in with the celebrity crowd. After dancing with Renee I was heading back to the bar when I heard a couple of ladies complain that their psychic had retired and moved.

“I mean what I am going to do without my weekly readings?” the old lady in yellow said.

“I know,” said the other lady. “I went to Madame Laru for everything. She told me when I was going to meet my boyfriend and about that promotion I got at work.”

“Excuse me ladies,” I said. “I couldn’t help but overhear. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Gavin “The Great”. I am new in town and just opening up shop. Please come in for a free reading.”

I think the ladies were drunk enough to believe me as they promised to look for me once I set up shop.


So I made some inquiries and found that Madame Laru’s place was for sale. So I bought it and hung up a sign outside that said Gavin “The Great” open for business.


I started reading up on horoscopes and tarot cards.


My fortune telling business is only open from 1pm-6pm so I sleep until around 11, go to work, and then after head to the clubs. At the Prosper Room I once again had to pay the bouncer to let me in.


I told the bartender to surprise me. Believe me, I was surprised when he lit my drink on fire before giving it to me.


I chatted for awhile with some girl named Cassandra, I think. She was pretty but not anyone famous and if I am going to increase my celebrity status I really need to be socializing with them.


Turns out there were a few celebrities there. Jeffrey Cook, a local politician, was there with his wife. We talked politics for awhile.

“I am impressed young man with your knowledge of the workings of government. Just the kind of young person I want as my friend. You can call me Jeff.”


Then as I was leaving I met director Alan Stanley. We talked about film for awhile and by the time the bar closed we were friends.

I can’t believe I have three celebrity friends. I also earned my second celebrity star.


The next day I got invited to a party at Jeffery Cook’s house. I can’t believe I am on my way to my first celebrity party.


“Hey you are that psychic right? Can you give me a private reading? Please.”

“Sure, why not.”


“I see big changes for your family. It will be growing soon.”

“Growing? How?”

“I am sorry but everything has gone dark.”


A few months later I was heading to the gym when Diane Jones called me over.

“You were so right. A few days after the party I wasn’t feeling well so I went to the doctor. Turns out I was pregnant. With twins!! I have told all of my friends about you. You are the real deal.”


After that wherever I went I was getting asked to give private readings.


I was also trying out a different bar or club every night. One night I went to a sports bar and ordered something called the “Bad Cheerleader.”


I ended up going home with some hottie. I snuck out before she woke up.


The next night I bribed my way into the Banzai Lounge. I have three celebrity stars now – I can’t believe I have to bribe my way in any place. But the Banzai Lounge is very exclusive.


I ordered a drink from the bar. But don’t worry I made sure it was milder than the one I had at the sports bar. No more “Bad Cheerleaders” for me.


Lola Belle was there that night giving a performance. I haven’t seen her since that day I embarrassed myself by gushing all over her and asking for her autograph. This time I was much more charismatic and was able to talk to her about music. While I hate to use my family name for anything I couldn’t help mentioning that I was Emma Equidae’s grandson. Turns out Emma had been one of her idols growing up. Now she was the one gushing around me.


On my days off from work I spend all day at the gym. I don’t have paparazzi following me around yet but I figure it is only a matter of time and I want to look good. I hired a personal trainer.


And boy does he put me through the paces.


Knowing it would help my celebrity status I started a romantic relationship with Lola.


And Renee Littler.


Tonight was the best night of my life. I decided to check out this little dive bar on the edge of town.


While I was there some guy came up to me and ask for my autograph! I can’t believe it people are wanting my autograph.


And even better there was a paparazzi there and she took my picture. I think I have finally arrived.

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