Generation 07.04


The next morning I couldn’t wait to get online and see what the paper’s had written about me. When I brought up the page I was SHOCKED! The headline read:

“Local celebrity Gavin Equidae visit’s dive bar after filing for bankruptcy.”

I was furious. I tried calling Renee as I know she has a lot of pull at the paper but she wasn’t answering my calls. I tried calling Lola as I know she has a great publicist but my calls to her went to voice mail as well.


So despite the blizzard that was raging outside I made my way to City Hall to file a slander suit against the reporter. I was able to show the judge several bank documents that showed I was no where near bankrupt.

I won the case and was awarded $4,607.


In order to further prove that I was not broke I moved out of my studio apartment and into a large two bedroom penthouse. It has a spacious kitchen that looks out over the living room.


It also has a large master bedroom.


And a spare room that made a perfect home office.


It must have worked because my reputation was immediately restored and soon Lola was calling me again.


As was Renee. She even invited me to an A list costume party. Since the invite was last minute the only costume I could get was a tiger. But Renee looked amazing as a mermaid.


We spent most of the party making out.

I have been thinking lately that I should just pick one of them and attempt to settle down. I don’t love either one but they are both 5 star celebrities. And we seem compatible enough.


All of those thoughts changed the moment I walked into The Prosper Room and saw HER. She is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen.


Turns out her name is Angela–she wouldn’t tell me her last name. But she said I could call her Angie. We talked all night.

“So Angie would you like to come back to my place with me?”

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