Generation 07.06


I decided to follow Alexy’s advice and I left Bridgeport behind and headed to Lucky Palms for a fun relaxing vacation.


I got a room at the Lucky Palm’s Resort and Casino. I did everything I could to forget about Angie.


I took in some shows.


Got a Tattoo.


Made out with my tattoo artist.


As well as several other women whose names I didn’t even bother to get or at least don’t remember.


Being at the Casino I also did a lot of gambling. The first few days I was having lots of luck. I even won $4000 jackpot on the slot machines.


I also managed to win several hands of blackjack.


Unfortunately, my luck started to change and I went from having piles of chips down to just a few.


I also started beating on various sporting events and unfortunately didn’t have any better luck there.


One day as I was walking through the casino these two big guys approached me.

“Gavin Equidae, you need to come with us right now?”

“Why?” I asked.

“Our father wants to see you.”

“Whose your father? And why does he want to see me?”

“Not only does he own this hotel he is also the man you owe money too due to all your recent losses. You need to come with us now!”


I attempted to make a run for it but one of the guys jumped me.


When I came too I was sitting in some office across from an older man. The two guys who jumped me were behind me blocking the door.


But all I could focus on was the big hammer laying on the mans desk. Is it going to be like it is in the movies? Is he going to take me out back and smash my knuckles?

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