Generation 07.10


I love being a father. The way Hailey and Hannah’s eyes light up when the see me is the most wonderful feeling in the entire world.


Angie is an amazing mother. She is always playing with the girls or feeding them.


Mom of course is a big help. She takes care of all four kids, cleans house and makes sure there is always a meal on the table. At 89 I do not know where she gets the energy.


Actually I think it is all her grand kids that keep her so young. If she isn’t teaching Robert his skills,


She is racing over to Gretchen’s place to tell Marcella a bed time story because to quote the six year old, “Only Grandma tells the story right.”


Or she is inviting all of her grand kids over to the house for a fun day outside in the yard. Colin, Marcella, and Grace’s daughters Harper and Hope have become the best of friends. It seems like people are always coming and going from the house.


In order to get a little alone time I took Angie to the winter festival. We went ice skating. We were both a little wobbly at first.


But by the end of the day we were both spinning around on the ice.


Soon it was Robert and the twin’s birthday.


The girls are identical in looks and personality.


We put the headband on Hailey so we would have a way to tell them apart. They are both good and love the outdoors.


Like his mom the little boy loves horses and wants to be a cowboy.


For his birthday mom got him a pony of his own. He named him Spur and the two are already best friends.


Now that both boys are in school Gwen decided it was time to find a place of their own. She was able to take some of her winnings from the various races and jumping competitions she has competed in and buy a nice farm house. It has a large barn for both Cupid and Spur. As well as its very own practice race track.


While I am sad to see my sister go it will be good to have the extra space. Angie and I decided to try for another baby.

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