Generation 08.01

screenshot-7-239My name is Hunter Equidae and I just turned six years old.


Today is my first day of school but instead of taking the bus like my sisters I decided to ride my bike. I like to be active. As I walked up to the school I was nervous. There were so many “big” kids standing by the door.


Fortunately I recognized several of my cousins: Harper (yellow top with white skirt), Colin (red hair), Hope (tan shirt with brown shorts).


Plus I know my sisters will be arriving on the bus shortly. The only problem is they are all teenagers. I really hope to meet some kids my own age. I can’t wait to make friends.


After school dad surprised me by picking me up and taking me to a Llamas game at the stadium next door.


As I walked down the hall and saw all the posters of the great athletes I realized that this is my dream.


Someday I am going to be an professional athlete. I know what you are thinking, all six-year-olds want to be pro athletes, but I am going to make it happen.

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