Generation 08.03


As soon as all of the guests were gone (mom wouldn’t let me leave my own birthday party early) I headed for the garage and started running on the treadmill. I had a few missteps at first but I am getting the hang of it.


I also started training in martial arts. I am embarrassed to say that I got smacked in the face a few times.

Once I had my first belt dad started sparing with me. He is really good and always beats me but I am learning quickly. I think each time I am able to block more and more of his moves. Yesterday I even got a hit in.


Most of my friends at school are begging their parents to buy them a car and teach them how to drive. But I am perfectly happy with my trusty bicycle. It gets me where I need to go and is a great work out at the same time.


Sometimes if the weather is nice I will jog to school instead. To make it to school on time though I have to leave the house just as the sun is coming up.

I have also been challenging ranked soccer players to matches in the hopes of beating them. I have managed to beat a few of the lower ranked players around town.


I also started snowboarding at the festival grounds. It is a lot of fun but I think it freaks mom out when I go flying up into the air and do flips. She is convinced I am going to break my neck.


I have been filling out applications to go to college. I am hoping for an athletic scholarship. No one in my family has graduated from college since my great great great great grandmother Brianna. My coach thinks I am a shoo-in for a full ride. Oh yeah did I mention I also joined the school’s soccer team.


It is my sister’s birthday’s today. Our entire family came to help celebrate. Hailey surprised everyone and instead of pursuing a career in athletics she decided to join the military. Harper followed in mom’s footsteps and got a job teaching at he school. Following their party they decided to move out and got a place together in town.


A few days after the party grandma decided to grill some salmon. While she was grilling the grim reaper came to take her. She was 113 years old. Even at her age she still begged the grim reaper for more time. She was not yet ready to say good bye to all of her kids, grandkids, and great-grandkids.


We buried her next to grandpa in the family cemetery behind the barn.

Her obituary reads as follows:

Today we say goodbye to our beloved mother, grandmother and friend Fionna Equidae. She passed away at the age of 113 from natural causes.

She was survived by daughters Grace and husband Javon Singleton, Gwen Perdue, Gretchen and husband Solomon Jeter, Gina Equidae, Gabrielle and husband Gerry Lam and her son Gavin and wife Angie Equidea. She is also survived by her granddaughters Rebecca and Eunice Equidae (Fletcher), Hillary and Hilda Blackmon (Gloria), Harper and Hope Singleton (Grace), Marcella Jeter (Gretchen), Heather Lam (Gabriella) and Hailey and Hanna Equidae (Gavin). As well as grandsons Andrew Equidae (Fletcher), Justin Blackmon (Gloria), Colin and Robert Perdue (Gwen), Shawn Jeter (Gretchen), Silas Lam (Gabriella) and Hunter Equidae (Gavin). At the time of her death she also had 15 great grand children.

She was proceeded in death by her husband Donavon Equidae, son Fletcher Equidae, daughter-in-law Julia Equidae (Fletcher), step-daughter Gloria Equidae, son-in-law Emilio Blackmon (Gloria), and son-in-law Roberto Perdue (Gwen).

We were all of course devastated by grandma’s death. Dad seemed to take it the hardest though. They had a rocky relationship when he was a teen and young adult but over the last few years had grown really close.


With grandma gone mom took over the cooking.


Let’s just say it didn’t end well.


We are eating a lot of salads.


The day has finally arrived. I am officially a young adult and I just received word that I got a full ride to Sims University on an athletic scholarship.

I can’t wait.

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