Generation 08.04


I decided to move into the fraternity house. My frat brother’s are Jeffery Dean, Ludo Vicco, Mahmoud Yavari, Rex Lovelace, Harold Assange, and Miles Forthright.


After I got settled I headed to orientation at the Student Union. I got my class schedule. I have three classes on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and then a lecture on Tuesdays and a skills lab on Thursday.


While there I met Ashley Corono, a business major.


And Ann Conners, a fine arts major.


That night my frat brother’s and I decided to hold a big bonfire before the start of the semester.


One of the guys threw some fireworks into the flames which was awesome.


Ashley came by and before the night was out we were making out. I thinking I am going to like college.


However I am not sure if I am going to like living in this frat house. The next morning I woke up early to the sound of the fire alarm. Seems Ludo was cooking breakfast and set the kitchen on fire. I grabbed the fire extinguisher and got the flames under control.


Since the kitchen was no longer usable I decided to head to the Java Hut for breakfast.


I enjoyed a bagel and some coffee before heading to class.


My classes are taught by professor Lewis Rodgers. And so far they are pretty interesting though not all my classmates seem to feel the same.


But my favorite class is my Thursday lab. We got these skeletons and we can program them to move in different ways and then study how those movements affect the bones and joints.


I named him Stan and I can make him run.


Or follow my own movements. It has been really interesting and helpful to me as an athlete. After seeing how certain moves affect Stan’s joints I have modified some of my own workouts.


Speaking of workouts the frat house has a shed out back with gym equipment and I work out there daily.


I also continue to spend a lot of time at the Java Hut. My housemates continue to set the kitchen on fire and there is always so much commotion there I can’t get any studying done. I may be a jock but I am also an A student and want to keep my grades up.


But life isn’t all about work. I have also started dating Mika Moore. She is also a physical education major. We met in class and started out as study partners. But our relationship quickly changed.


She was my first – if you know what I mean. I am not sure yet if I am in love with her but we do have a lot of fun together.


It seemed like my time at University flew by and before I knew it I was taking finals. I got As on all my exams.


And graduated with honors. I am excited to return home and start the next chapter of my life.

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