Generation 08.08


A few months after the wedding Eboni went into labor. I ashamed to admit it but I panicked.


Turns out Eboni was right and we had a boy. We named him Ian.

He is an amazing baby. Always happy and giggling. Right away he was sleeping through the night which has been a huge relief.

The next year flew by.

My new season just started and I was brought up to the major leagues and made a superstar.


Also my gym finally had it’s grand reopening. The renovations took a long time but they were worth it. The remodel was a huge success. Especially the rock wall. People are flocking to the gym just to try it out. I signed at least a dozen new memberships last week.


On top of all of that we just found out that Eboni is expecting again. It was a big surprise to be expecting again so soon.


Being pregnant hasn’t slowed Eboni down any. She stated that there would be no more store bought birthday cakes. Only homemade for her family.


I think they turned out great and the kids were thrilled with them.


My sister Holly is now a young adult.


My daughter is a beautiful teenager (I can’t believe she is a teenager already).


Ian is an adorable toddler.


Ian is a very smart little boy and has quickly learned how to walk and talk.


Holly got engaged to Zachary Herra. He is a police officer and a great guy.


Strangely enough they met when Officer Zachary Herra arrested Holly for spray painting graffiti at the festival grounds after hours.


Unfortunately their wedding plans were put on hold by dad’s death. He was 102 years old. He had lived 12 years longer than mom and he missed her greatly. Therefore he welcomed death.


We buried him in the plot next to mom and planted flowers for both of them.


Holly and I were both devastated by dad’s death.


Fortunately we both had someone to turn to for comfort. Dad left all four of his kids a sizable amount of money. Holly used hers to by the house next door. It will be great having her so close.


Shortly after dad’s death Eboni went into labor.


We were blessed with twins. A girl whom we named Isabelle and a boy named Isaac.

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