Generation 08.09


I finally reached my dream and became a sports legend. But the achievement was bitter sweet. While I was at work I missed Ian’s birthday.

He is a handsome little boy. A perfect mix of Eboni and I.


When I got home I made sure to spend some quality time with him. I read him one of his favorite Jimmy Sprocket books before bed.


And made sure to kiss him goodnight. I vowed then and there that I would NEVER again miss one of my kids birthdays.


The next morning Eboni made everyone a big breakfast.


After breakfast Ivy and Ian headed to school. Ian was naturally nervous about his first day but Ivy was a great big sister. She even held his hand on the bus for extra comfort.


While the kids were at school I headed to city hall. I quit my athletic job and got it job in politics. I am starting at the bottom but I am hoping before hand to be able to run for public office. I am naturally charismatic and have a lot of fans who I believe would support me come election time. Athletics is a young man’s game and it was time for me to make a change. Plus my job now goes 9 am – 3 pm so I am at work while the kids are in school and then home with them during the evening.


Soon it was the twins birthday. Eboni made cakes and we invited over my sister’s and their families.


Holly surprised us with the news she and Zach are expecting. I am so happy for them.


Isabelle is the spitting image of Eboni.


And Isaac looks exactly like his brother did at that age, another perfect mix of Eboni and I.


The next day was a beautiful summer day so we decided to take the family to the beach.


Ian and I both went windsurfing.


Eboni relaxed in the sun with a book while the twins played in the sand.


Ivy went fishing.


And later played in the water with her little sister.


We ended the day with a picnic at sunset. It was a great day.


After we got home Ivy and I worked on teaching the twins their skills. Eboni went back to work at the bistro today. It is her first time back at work since she went on maternity leave back when she was pregnant with Ian.


With a house full of kids and both of us with careers the next few years seemed to fly by. Soon it was time for Ivy to become a young adult, Ian a teen, and the twins children. Eboni outdid herself by baking not one, not two but four cakes.


It was a beautiful summer day so we had the party outside. The guests enjoyed having a water balloon fight, played basketball, etc.


Unfortunately the party came to a bit of a halt when one of the cake’s caught fire. My nephew Whitley grabbed a fire extinguisher and tried to put out the blast.


Fortunately the fire department arrived and managed to get the fire out. No one was hurt and the only thing destroyed was the cake.


Despite the fire almost ruining their birthday all four kids aged up well.


Following their birthday Ivy got engaged to her boyfriend Louie Thorne.


The two decided to leave Appaloosa Plains and move to Sunlit Tides. They got a beautiful house on the beach.


They spend their days fishing and earn money selling their fish to the local markets. Louie also got a job as a chef at one of the local restaurants.


They had a private wedding one evening on the beach at Sunset.


She wrote to tell me that she has become great friends with a women named Eve Gutenberg. She said Eve is a columnist for a paper in Bridgeport and writes about her experiences as single mother of numerous children.


She said she is happy to have a friend who is experienced at raising kids because turns out she and Louie are expecting their first child. I can’t believe I am going to be a grandfather.

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