Generation 09.01


My name is Isaac Equidae.


My first memory was at my 3rd birthday party when the cake caught fire.  Ever since then I have been fascinated by fire.  Not in a creepy “I start fires to watch them burn” kind of way but rather I want to be a firefighter when I grow up.


I also love horses and for my 13th birthday I got a horse of my own whom I named Shadow.  I have had him since she was a pony.   Now that he is older we have been training to run in some equestrian competitions.


I made a trip to the local firehouse.  I met firefighter Ethan Ellison.  He told me that one of the skills that I would defiantly need if I want a job at the firehouse someday was handiness.

“Things are always breaking around here,” he said.   “You will need to be able to maintain the smoke alarm and the firetruck.   If the alarm doesn’t go off like it should or if the truck breaks down en-route it could be a disaster.”


Of course while I was there I had to try out the fire-pole.  It was so much fun.


In order to work on my handiness skill I started fixing things around the house.


I fixed Isabelle’s computer.
“Thanks bro.  I thought I lost my term paper.”


I fixed the kitchen sink.


And the dishwasher.


I have also been tinkering with different things and have managed to upgrade the shower to self cleaning and make toilet unbreakable.


After months of training Shadow and I finally entered our first race.  The Hidden Springs Derby: Beginner Race.


I was so excited when we managed to come in first place.


Soon it was time for Isabelle and I to age into young adults.  My parents through a party for us.


And all of our family and friends came.


We were all super excited to learn that Ian and Gwen are expecting their first baby.  Since she is on leave, Gwen told me they are short staffed at the firehouse and that if I went down and applied she was sure I would get hired right away.


Here I am as a young adult.


Here is my sister Isabelle.


Following our birthday our maid Tyler Isbell proposed to my sister.  I was surprised.  I had seen her talking to him a few times but I didn’t realize they had feelings for each other.


She said yes.   My sister is super shy so I was not surprised when they decided to elope rather than go through with a big wedding.

Following their wedding the two moved out into a place of their own.  I did have to give her a hard time though because now her name is Isabelle Isbell.


The next day I went to the fire station and applied for a job.   Gwen was right and I was hired on the spot.

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