Generation 09.02


On my first day at the fire house I spent most of the day getting to know my co-workers.  I had met Ethan Ellison back when I was a teen and we quickly became friends.  We are both athletic and could talk sports for hours.


I also met Ashley Whitman.  Too bad she is married as I think she is kinda cute.


The firehouse has a lot of athletic equipment so when I was done meeting my co-workers I spent some time lifting weights.


That is until the alarm went off and we all had to dash off to put out a small house fire.


When I am not at the fire station I am at home working on improving my handiness skills.


Or entering racing competitions with Shadow.  We have won several more beginner races and are planning on entering some advanced racing competitions soon.  We have also started to practice jumping but I don’t think we are ready for any jumping competitions just yet.


Things were going really well until one day we called out to a large house fire with reports that someone was trapped inside.  Fire was pouring out of the windows.


We spent what seemed like hours getting the flames under control so that we could attempt to enter the building.


When we finally got the fire under control I took out my axe and broke down the front door.


But we were too late.  Officer Damian Medraro died in the fire.   I am devastated by this loss of life.  I can’t help rethink everything we did.  My boss said it was no one’s fault.  That the fire raged so out of control that our chances of saving Officer Medraro were slim to none.  But I feel like I let him and his family down.  Maybe I am not cut out to be a firefighter.

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