Generation 09.03


After the disastrous fire I was in a rough place.  I was rethinking my career choices.  I had failed to save someone.  Maybe I wasn’t cut out to be a fireman after all.

One day my sister Ivy called.

“Hey bro,” she said.

“Hey Ivy, how are you doing?”

“We are great.   Listen, dad told me what happened with the fire.  I think you could use a break.  Time to get away from everything.  Rest and relax for awhile.  How about if you come visit Louie and I for a couple of days.   You could meet the kids.”

“That sounds great actually.  I can be there in a couple days.”

“Wonderful.  We are looking forward to your visit.”


A few days later I arrived at Sunlit Tides and took a cab to Ivy and Louie’s house.

“Hey man, good to see you,” Louie said as he shook my hand.

“Thanks for having me.”

“I was just on my way to the store but your sister is inside.  I’ll see you later.”


As I soon as I stepped inside I felt myself being pulled into a big hug.  “It is so great to having you here.”

“I am happy to be here.  I think you were right.  This is just what I needed.”

“Let me introduce you to your nephews.”


“Isaac, this is your nephew Willis. He is 12.”

“Willis, this is your uncle Issac.”

Willis is a really friendly and  he immediately welcomed me with a big hug.


After meeting Willis I met Ivy’s twin boys.  Andrew


And Adam.   They are 4 years old.


Later that night Ivy took me to a party at her friend Tenika’s.   At the party I met Eve Gutenberg.

“So you must be the brother that Ivy’s been telling me about,” she said.  “She has been so excited about your visit.”

“I am happy to be visiting her as well.  I am looking forward to getting to know my nephews better.”

“They are great boys.”

“So Ivy has written about you.  She said you are doing a challenge to have 100 kids and that you blog about your experiences.  How did you get involved in something like that?” I asked.

“Well in the beginning I started it because I wanted to save my column.  I was working for a newspaper in Bridgeport and my boss was going to cancel my column unless I came up with a new an exciting idea.  I had read about some other women who had done this and it seemed like a great idea.  But it didn’t take long before I didn’t care about the column anymore.  I realized I loved being a mother.”

“So how many kids have you had so far?”


I was glad I wasn’t drinking anything because if I had been I would have done a spit take.  “Wow,” I said.

She laughed.  “Yeah that is usually the reaction I get when I tell people the number.”

“Sorry, I meant no offense,” I said.

“None taken,” she said.

“So what do you look for when selecting a father for your kids?”

“Oh I don’t really have any set criteria.  Sometimes I have selected father’s based on various traits other times it has been because they asked.  Once I was even approached by the man’s mother who wanted grandchildren before she passed.”

“Really, wow that’s kinda funny.  And the guy just went along with it?”

“Oh yeah.  No one said no to Mrs. Vanderberg, especially her son.”

“So would I make a good potential father?”

“Are you asking because you are just curious or because you are interested?”

“I am interested.  I think what you are doing is interesting and I would like to be part of it.  To be honest, I am a firefighter back in Appaloosa Plains and I recently lost someone in a fire.  I wasn’t fast enough and he died from the smoke inhalation.  I blame myself for the loss of life and I would really like to be part of creating a new life.”

“I will think about it.”

“Really?  What makes you hesitate?”

“Your sister has become one of my best friends.  So I just want to make sure she is ok with it.   If she has any reservations I would have to decline.  I don’t want to jeopardize our friendship.”

“Ok I can respect that.”

“I’ll call you,” she said.


The next day I decided to spend the entire day with my nephew Willis.  I took him to the town festival.   We played soccer.  He is a natural athlete and managed to get several shots past me.


We also participated in a hot dog eating contest.  Neither of us won but we still had fun.


The next day I got a call from Ivy asking to meet me at the beach.   I brought flowers which she was thrilled to see.

“Thanks for the flowers,” she said.

“Your welcome.  So I am assuming you spoke to Ivy.”

“Yes, and she was 100% supportive.  In fact she said she was actually going to suggest it herself.”

“Ok so we are going to do this?” I asked suddenly feeling a little nervous.

“We will get there eventually,” she laughed.  “But I thought we might just have some fun, enjoy the beautiful day, and get to know each other first.”

“Sounds good,” I said.


We started by going out in her boat.


Later she asked if I wanted to jet ski.  It was amazingly fun.


After spending the day on the water we went to visit the Relaxation Station.  We made out in the sauna.


We were the only ones there that night and there was canopy bed there.  I admit I was really nervous.  I have never woohooed before and with so many kids it is clear that Eve has experience.

Eve must have sensed my nervousness because she said, “Don’t worry you are doing just fine.  Then she pulled me in for a kiss.”


Not to sound too sappy but with the stars overhead, the gentle breeze, and the smell of the ocean air it was perfect.


I spent the next day playing with the twins.


I also started going for daily jogs along the beach.


One day I got a call from Eve asking me to come over.  When I got there she didn’t beat around the bush.

“I’m pregnant,” she said.


I was trilled and pulled her in for a big hug.


I didn’t want to miss a minute of Eve’s pregnancy so I spent as much time with her as possible.  One day while we were fishing I decided to bring up a topic that had been on my mind for awhile.

“Eve, can I ask you a favor?”

“That depends.  What is it?” she asked.

“Ivy told me that you always name your kids after literary characters or authors.  And that you use the first letter of the father’s name.  I was wondering if when the baby is born if you could give him or her a name that stars with the letter J instead.  It can still be named after a literary character.”

“Can I ask why?” she asked.

“I am not sure if Ivy mentioned it or not but I am an heir to a family legacy back in Appaloosa plains.  It has been custom that the heir’s children have names that began with the next letter of the alphabet.  Our family founder was named Anna.  She had six kids – Braden, Brandon, Bradly, Benjamin, Bianca, Brianna.  Then Brianna had Corinna, Courtney, Conner, and Christina.  Conner had David, Daniel, Dylan, Diana, Dorothy and Danielle.  Then Danielle had Emma and Ethan.  Emma had Fionna.   Fionna had Gwen, Gina, Gabrielle, Gretchen, Grace and Gavin.  Gavin had my dad Hunter and aunts Hailey, Hannah, and Holly.  My dad had Ivy, Ian, Isabelle, and myself.  So it would custom as heir for all my kids to have names that start with the letter J.”

“Sure I think that is a great idea.”

“Thanks,  I appreciate that.”


It is amazing feeling the baby move.  He or she is so active.  I can always feel him/her moving around in there.


One morning I had just stopped by for a visit when Eve went into labor.


I of course panicked – not sure what to do.  But Eve was a natural as she had done this before.  She calmly told me to grab my car and give her a ride to the hospital.


Fortunately there isn’t a lot of traffic in Sunlit Tides so it didn’t take us long to reach the hospital.


I am a twin and I know that Eve has had multiple births in the past but I was still shocked when Eve delivered not one, not two, but three babies.  Triplets!


A baby boy named Jafar from Disney’s Aladdin.


Jasmine also from Disney’s Aladdin.


And Jessica after Jessica Rabbit from Who Framed Roger Rabbit.


All three have my green skin.  From the first time I held them in my arms I was in love with them.

I want to spend as much time with them as possible.  I put them to down for naps.


Feed them.


Give them baths and play with them.  I was once again starting to rethink my life.  Maybe I should just give up the family legacy – let one of my siblings take over.  I could spend my days here in Sunlit Tides watching my kids grow.  But could I stand to see Eve with other men.  She still has a ways to go to reach her goal of having 100 kids.  I think I am in love with her.  Could I convince her to be with me.  Give up on her quest?  Would that be fair to her?


One day I was taking a walk to clear my head when I saw a fire burning out of control.  It looked like someone had started a campfire and left it burning.  I immediately jumped into firefighter mode.  As I put out the fire I felt that rush.  Being a firefighter is my calling.  It is what I am meant to be doing.  It was time for me to return to Appaloosa Plains.


That afternoon I went to see Eve.

“Hey Eve,” I said.

“Oh hey Isaac.  Did you come to see the kids?” she asked.

“Yes and no.  I actually wanted to talk to you first.  I think it is time for me to return to Appaloosa Plains and take my place as heir to the family legacy.  But I know I will always regret it if I don’t ask you to come with me.”

“Oh, Isaac.  I can’t.  I started this quest to have 100 kids and I have come so far and I need to finish it.  Just like it is important for you to continue your family legacy it is important to me to have 100 children.  But you are welcome to come visit anytime and when the kids are a little older they can come visit you.”


I was disappointed but I understood.  I gave her one final hug.


I went inside to say goodbye to my kids.  I gave each one a hug and extra cuddle.  It is breaking my heart saying goodbye to them.


After saying goodbye to my kids I returned to my sister’s place to bid my farewells.  My nephews have all gotten so big during my time here in Sunset Valley.

“Goodbye, Uncle Isaac” Willis said as he pulled me in for a hug.  He recently had a birthday and is now 13.

“Take care,” I said.  “I can’t wait to hear all about your soccer games.”


I also bid farewell to my nephew Andrew.


And Adam.   They also had a birthday and are now six.  They really are great kids.


Of course I had to say goodbye to my sister Ivy.

“Thanks again for having me sis.  You were right.  This was just what I needed.”

“It was great seeing you.  Please come visit again anytime.”

“Same to you.  You know mom and dad would love to see you sometime.”

“Well when you meet a nice girl and decide to get married give me a call.  I wouldn’t miss your wedding.”

“Will do,” I said.

After that I headed to airport to return to my life in Appaloosa Plains.

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