Generation 09.07


I had noticed in the weeks prior to the wedding that Jackie had been throwing up a lot.  I figured it was just wedding stress.


Therefore I was surprised and thrilled when Jackie told me she was pregnant.


She is barely showing but I couldn’t resist touching her stomach and feeling the baby.


The triplets are of course thrilled and can’t wait to to have another sibling.


I feel terrible.  With the wedding and Jackie’s pregnancy we forgot to celebrate Joy’s birthday.


To make it up to her I took the whole family to the Spring Festival.    Joy’s step-sister’s taught her how to roller skate.


Jafar and I did a little fishing.


And Jackie and I did some slow dancing.


I couldn’t resist dipping her.   She laughed and told me to put her down.  That she was much to heavy.  I told her that even pregnant she was still light as a feather.


When we got home I whipped up a batch of my great-grandmother’s macaroni and cheese.


Then we all ate together as a family.


After that I fixed the broken dishwasher and made it unbreakable.  I also maxed out my handiness skill.


I had been given some time off from work because it was getting close to Jackies due date.  But my hovering was driving her crazy and she ordered me out of the house. So I took Shadow to the training grounds and we finally maxed out our racing and riding skill.


Later that night Jackie went into labor.


We welcomed a beautiful baby boy into the family.   His name is Justin and he takes after his mother.


I love having a baby in the house again.


A few day’s after Justin was born Jafar came up to me.

“Dad, can I ask you something?”

“Sure,” I said.

“I was wondering if you would be ok with my having my last name changed from Gutenberg to Equidae.   I have been reading about this family and I would really like to have the Equidae name.”


I was so chocked up at the thought that I couldn’t even form words to express how happy he had made me.   So I just pulled him in for a big hug.  Then we went straight to city hall and got it changed.    The girls decided that since they will take their husbands last name when they marry they might as well stay Gutenberg for now.


Jasmine has started dating Rusty Elliott.   He often will come over to our house after school to do homework or just hang-out.


I caught them kissing the other day and wanted to put a stop to it but Jackie said to let them be.


Jafar is also dating.   Her name is Kristi Kirtpatrick.


When I finally returned to work I was horrified by the condition of the firetruck and alarm.  I spent the whole morning making repairs.


It was a good thing I was able to get them repaired because we ended up getting called out to a horrible garage fire.


When I got home Jackie surprised me with news.   She is pregnant again.


“Hey baby.  I am so happy you are in there all warm and safe.  I can’t wait to meet you.  Daddy loves you already,” I said to her tummy.


The next day there was another bad fire.  This one with people trapped inside.


Fortunately I was able to get everyone out of the house.


When I got home Jackie was throwing a birthday party for Justin and Joy.


My brother and sister were there.   As well as several of my nieces and nephews.


Justin is an adorable little boy who looks so much like his mother with her skin tone, hair and eye color.


Joy aged into a beautiful teen.


Jackie says she can’t wait for this baby to be born.  She feels fat and ugly.   I just keep telling her she is beautiful.


I think most of Jackie’s discomfort has to do with the fact that her back is constantly bothering her.   I try to massage her back and shoulders whenever I can.


Still I think she was thrilled when she finally went into labor.


We had a beautiful baby girl named Jade.   Jade has my skin color.


With a baby and toddler at home I am trying to do more around the house.  Every morning I get up early and get the older kids breakfast.  Then I get my baby girl feed and changed.  After that I get Justin up, changed and feed.   Then I play with him until it is time to head to the fire station.  This lets Jackie sleep in a little.


Then after I go to work she spends her day teaching Justin how to walk, talk and use the potty.


Recently there was a fire that I didn’t think I was going to make it home from.   A fire had started in a barn and was quickly spreading to the hay bales.   Fortunately I got the fire put out in time.   It was such a close call that I decided to take a few days off after.   I have a beautiful family at home and I am starting to wonder if these risks I take each day at work are worth it.


Soon we were having a quadruple birthday celebration.


Jafar aged into a handsome young man.  He decided to join the military.


He also proposed to his girlfriend Kristi Kirkpatrick.    She said yes and the two got married right away.   They got a place together and I couldn’t be happier for them.


Jasmine aged into a beautiful young women.  She took a job as a school teacher.

She also surprised everyone by proposing to her boyfriend Rusty Elliott.   He said yes and the two also decided to elope.  They moved in with Rusty’s parents while they save up for a place of their own.


Jessica also got a place of her own.  She is still single and focused on her medical career.   I am so proud of them.


Justin is adorable little boy.


And Jade a cute toddler.


I have been working on teaching her how to walk.


After some careful consideration I did decide to return to the fire station at least for a little while.  I was recently named fire chief and I need to make sure my men are properly trained before I step down.

So for now I continue to fight fires and rescue my fellow sims from burning buildings.

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