Generation 10.01


My name is James Equidae and I am the heir going into Generation 10.    My father was a firefighter, my older brother Justin is a firefighter and my brother-in-law Rusty is a firefighter.   However, for as long as my twin brother Jacob and I can remember we have wanted to join the police department.   I think I even had sheriff pajamas as a kid.   My uncle Ian was a cop and I can remember him sharing his cop stories with us when he would come over to visit.


So after graduating from high school Jacob and I headed to the Police Academy in Bridgeport.  (Thanks for the police station items).   Jacob is focusing on becoming a DNA Analyst as part of the forensics unit.   While I want to eventually join the Sims Bureau of Investigations (SBI).


Lieutenant Jada Schwarz is one of our instructors.   She was there along with follow instructor Officer Drew Hillman to greet us when we arrived.


Near the front desk there is a wall displaying the list of names from the previous graduating classes.   I can’t wait to see a plaque with my name on it.


There is a room for reading, studying, and using the computer.   In addition to Jacob and myself there are four other recruits in our class.  Grady Dotson (red hair), Sonya Hart (dark hair and glasses), Phillip Richardson (shaved head), Spring Burrows (blonde hair).


There is an awesome gym for workouts.


And a shooting range.   Not to mention classrooms, a forensic science lab, and a dinning hall.


I also signed up to be part of a K9 Unit and was assigned Max.   He is a great dog.  Super smart and loyal.  I know we are going to be best friends.


We spend most of our day in class learning about investigative techniques, how to question suspects, and how to make connections between witness statements and evidence.


I make sure to take detailed notes.  I want to be the best investigator ever.


We also spend part of the day in the science lab learning about forensics.   We run chemical analysis on various samples, process DNA, and check fingerprints.   This is Jacob’s favorite part of the day.  He is good at all that science stuff.


Me not so much.


I am much better at the gun range.  I am getting top scores in marksmanship.


We also train in various martial arts.


And of course I spend time bonding with Max.   I have been training him and so far he can sit, sit down, shake and speak.


Of course it is not all work.   We have some down time.  Jacob and I like to spend time together playing chess like we did back when we were kids.


The whole class will go out back and race up the climbing wall.


Last time Spring made a risking jump in an attempt to win and her back leg swung out and almost knocked poor Grady off the wall.


“That was a great race,” I said.   “Your final jump to the top was epic.”

“Thanks,” she said.  “Although I am glad that I didn’t kick Grady in the face.”

“We have a free day tomorrow.   Would you want to maybe go out and explore Bridgeport.  Maybe checkout the festival?”

“Sure that sounds great,” she said.


So the next day we headed first to the festival.   We went roller skating.


Played soccer. 


Afterwards we grabbed a bit to eat.


And then went to a local bar for some drinks.   I let Spring order and we ended up with some fruity pink drinks.  Not the normal beer I would have had but it was not bad.   It tasted like strawberries.


We also did some dancing.   Spring has amazing moves.   We had a lot of fun hanging out together.


When we returned to the Academy we decided to team up and help each other study for our final exams.   She is a little better then I am at the science stuff and I have been helping her with her aim at the range.   We often work and study together until the sun starts to peak in the windows each morning.


But all the hard work was so worth it.   It was soon graduation and we were award with our very own uniforms.   Also I found out that my entire class is joining the force back in Appaloosa Plains.   Even our instructors are being transferred there.

Authors Note: Appaloosa Plains needed some new sims.   All of the families there were in some way related to the Equidaes.   


At the conclusion of the graduation ceremony I grabbed Spring and kissed her.


And was thrilled when she kissed me back.   I can’t wait to see where things with us go once we return home.

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