Generation 10.03


As soon as dad opened the door Jade threw herself into his arms.

“Oh daddy, I am so sorry about mom!  And for everything.”

He just rubbed her back and let her cry.


She then explained that she had been working hard to turn her life around.  She had submitted some of her artwork in a contest and won a scholarship to college.  She attended Sims University and got a degree in fine arts.  She was also having some paintings displayed in an art gallery in town.


“I am so proud of you,” dad said.  “I know your mom would have been too.”


Keith was not so forgiving.   He realized that Jade was the mother that had abandoned him as a baby.  But they talked and Jade promised to be in his life more.


The two spent some time playing video games and talking.


Jennifer had prom.  She wasn’t going to go as we were all still morning but dad insisted that mom would have wanted her to go.   We took a picture of her by the piano before she left.


Later that night the grim reaper came for dad.  He was 98.  I think making up with Jade was the final piece dad needed to be able to go be with mom.


I got through my grief by working out.  I finally maxed out my athletic ability.


I also spent some time working on my case.  With dad gone it made me even more determined to figure out who was sabotaging the equipment at the fire house.

I met my brother Justin at the park.


“So have their been any more cases of sabotage?” I asked.

“Yes, it is getting worse.  The fire alarm has failed twice now and the other day the fire truck wouldn’t even start.   So far no one has died but is only a matter of time.  The weirdest thing is we have installed new locks on the doors and there does not appear any sign of forced entry and the locks are not tampered with.”

“Hmm?  That is interesting.  I will defiantly look into this.”


While at the park I spent some time with Max teaching him how to play dead.


I also ran into Grady.

“Hey man, how’s it going?” I asked.   We are partners at work but I hadn’t seem him for several days as I had taken some personal leave following mom and dad’s death.

“Things are great.  AMAZING!”

“Wow, what’s been going on?”

“Remember Ida?  The dancer from your brother’s bachelor party.”

“Oh yeah, you spent most of the night dancing with her.”


“Yeah well we have dating since then and just found out that Ida is pregnant.”


“I am feeling like the luckiest man alive right now,” he said.

“Congratulations to you both,” I said.


Later that night I invited Spring over.   “Oh you are never going to believe this,” I said.  “I was at the park today and ran into Grady.  He started dating one of the dancers we had a Jacob’s party.   Not only are they in a serious relations but they are having a baby.”

“How would you feel if you were in his place?” she asked.

“I don’t know, I would think I would be happy.  Why do you ask?”


“I’m pregnant!”


“Really?!  We are going to have a baby?”


I know I had just said I wasn’t sure how I would feel but in that moment finding out I was going to be a father – nothing could have made me happier.


Spring and I moved to the bedroom to celebrate our happy news.


The next morning I typed up my case notes before heading to work.


Spring called up Ida and the two women headed to the gym.


They gook a yoga class.


And played some basketball.


Max caught a case of fleas at park so when I got home from work I had to give him a bath.


Pregnancy has been giving Spring have terrible backaches.  I figure giving her a massage is the least I can do.


I am not sure why my nephew showed up dressed like a burglar.  It is the middle of summer and nowhere near Halloween.


I am now a detective.


I decided to head to the fire house and search the trash for clues.  Unfortunately, all I found was trash.


One night Spring and I got invited to a party at our friend Sonya’s house.


Spring got upset because Sonya was wearing the same dress.  Of course because Spring is nine months pregnant she thought she looked awful in comparison and insisted we go straight home.


But before we could leave Spring went into labor.


She gave birth to daughter Kimberly who inherited my green skin.


And daughter Kristen who looks more like Spring. 

As a twin myself I am sure these two will grow up to be best friends.

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