Generation 10.04


Seems like the twins are in sync and want to do everything at the same time.  So Spring and I each take a twin and feed them.


Change their diapers and tuck them in at night.


A few days after I stopped by Grady’s house as I heard Ida had also given birth.


Turns out they had twins too.  Miki and Raquel.   I can just see all four girls playing together in the future.


I had been thinking about proposing to Spring for awhile.  I had planned to do it that day long ago at the park but then mom died followed by dad.  Then when we found out Spring was pregnant I didn’t want her to think that is why she was proposing.   I had planned to take her out to dinner but one night as we were putting the twins to bed I just dropped to a knee and asked, “Will you marry me?”


Spring said yes and I slid the ring on her finger.


I can’t wait to marry this women.  She is my best friend and love of my life.


Soon it was Jennifer’s birthday.


She turned into a beautiful young women.  She got a job at the theater and moved into her own place.  Jade decided to move out as well and take Keith with her, leaving just Spring, the girls and I.  Well and of course Max.   My father had left Keith his horse Prairie in his Will knowing of the boys love of horses.


I love being a father.  I feed them.


Play with them.


It is frustrating though when the ghosts keep taking them out of their cribs and putting them on the floor.


Speaking of ghosts family founder Anna Equidae and her husband Jonathan always haunt together.   One never haunts the house without the other.    I hope Spring and I are so close that we can’t even be apart in death.


Jacob offered to throw me a bachelor party but I declined.  I am a father and exhausted.  I just wanted a fun night out with the guys so suggested we go bowling.


Unfortunately, I am not very good at it.


My nephew Keith is now a teenager and it was great seeing him.


Sonya was there and I was surprised to see she was pregnant.   Turns out she recently eloped with a man named Roy Doughtry and they are expecting their first child.


The next dad Spring and I got married.


Sonya cried and blamed the pregnancy hormones.


I am not sure what Phillip’s excuse was.


We had our first dance as man and wife.


And cut our cake.


Our wedding day also happened to be the girls birthday.   Kristen looks so much like Spring with her tan skin and blonde hair.


Kimberly has my green skin and black hair.  


It seemed fitting that Sonya would go into labor during our party.  Spring had gone into labor at Sonya’s party.    She gave birth to an adorable little boy named Aric.


A few days after our wedding Spring surprised me with news that she was again pregnant.


I am thrilled that we have another baby on the way.

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